Card Meditations

Mary-el Fool meditation/exploration

This isn’t an attempt to build a personal database of card meanings. It’s just for tarot study and to pass the time in a more productive way than browsing /r/AskReddit when I can’t sleep.


Last night’s meditation, as best I can recall it:

I slip into the Fool’s world without fuss, no sound. It’s a smooth, silky transition.It’s quiet here, almost like being in a sound booth. Everything is still in time and I can move about. Smells a bit salty?

He doesn’t notice I’m here. The streamers in the air move slightly as if there is a breeze, perhaps from the door left open behind me. The dragons (are they wyverns?) seem to be made of silk. and they reach out all across the lands going in all directions like they’re connected to things far away. Like a messy web, that starts with him and flows off him in all directions but forward.

There is a cliff behind him and I don’t know if he jumped off, fell, or was pushed, but I get the impression he never “fell”, he just floated off and is moving forward and rising. I look at the waterfall and follow it down but everything below is in a mist. 

He has one arm raised, ending in a fist. I wonder if he’s defending himself from something or ready to punch? Maybe he doesn’t like butterflies. 

I figure I’m ready to see what he sees, what he’s heading towards. Or see what he is attacking or may be attacking him. I tuck myself in under his right side, hang an arm around his waist and look out… it’s a vast world out there that continues further than the eye can see, into mist like the waterfall he’s left behind. But there’s something about that world. It’s fairy devoid of much. Not a wasteland but not full of life. No animals, no trees, other people or buildings. It actually reminds me of Minecraft.

I wonder if his web connects him to the world like feelers.

I wonder if it’s us viewers he intends to block or attack.