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tarot/oracle inspired art

o hai. I’m still alive I guess. How are you doing?

This year hasn’t been good for me in various ways, including tarot. I just haven’t been in “the mood”. I miss doing it but I’m not going to force myself. Something I have been doing is creating art inspired by the idea of tarot and oracle decks. Basically, creating images I’d love to see in a deck that help invoke a mood, emotion, idea, etc. Maybe someday I’ll turn them into an oracle deck but for now I’ve been uploading them to my Society 6 store.

I started off just making them for myself and back in June I decided I wanted one of my favorites on my wall. So I looked around at different printing services and figured… might as well put it on Society 6 so I can have the art on different products. I really love the quality of the art, it came out absolutely perfect!

Here’s my current altar set up with what I’m calling “Death”:


yeah I have last year’s Halloween decorations from Michael’s on my altar. cashmeousside.

I was so pleased with that one, that I started uploading other art I’d like to have physical copies of and next thing I knew…. hey, I’ve actually got a shop underway!

I’ve been picky about what I put my art on. Like not everything looks good on a pillow don’t force it jeez bro. And I’m only putting up the stuff that I think is my best work (10/10) to close to my best work (7/10). So I’m really just trying to make the nicest store/gallery/portfolio I possibly can.

There’s tons of sales nearly every day right now on the website. Today you get 30% off wall art. Here’s a little somethin’ somethin’ for you if you like my Death image above:


Right now I’m uploading one piece a day, M-F. I’d like to start making posts there (maybe here?) about my thoughts and process of each image, if people are interested.

I’ve created “collections” for each piece which include all the products they’re on, for convenience so check that link out here.  (ignore the broken images, their casheing or something has been wonky this month)

So that’s it from me today. I really wanted to share this with you guys because you’re my people and I think some of you might enjoy giving it a look.

Thanks for dropping by, and please drop me any links to your tarot/oracle inspired art! Spam me, bitches!


My own Lenormand deck

Because I totally needed another project to half-ass and then loose steam on halfway through, amiright?

So I recently was bitten by the Lenormand bug. I spent countless hours researching the cards and different decks and such. I can’t afford to buy one and I have no playing cards to convert so I thought I’d doodle up my own, much like my Hot Mess Oracle. I wanted it to be super cutesy, simple, tiny, and colorful.

Awwww shit of course it already exists. Fuuuuuck. It looks exactly as I pictured in my head. I may continue doodling my own but I won’t be in a hard hurry. I don’t want anybody saying I copied hers, so I have to try to change it up a bit. But I will be buying hers! I hear it’s being restocked this month.

So I’m like fuckit I’ll make a wee little photo Lenormand ’cause I like that idea. And I’ll use stock photos because I want to get this done in my lifetime and that makes it fun anyway. I want to have simple, in-your-face, obvious imagery.

So this is what I have so far:



Ignore the green borders, blue, and red dashed borders. 



There are several images I’m not super happy with but they do the job. I may replace some of them. And I can’t find the perfect image for the rest of them. These are all free stock images. I may have to start paying at this point. That’s fine though.

I do plan on putting at least an unobtrusive number on each card, maybe some sort of basic decorative borders.

It’s not a specially exciting project but it kept me a little busy for awhile.

On a related note, I’ve been playing around with some photo manipulation/collage type stuff and I’m tempted to do something oracle-y with them. I’ve only made about 4 so far but they’ve been more meaningful and thought provoking than 99.9% of the oracle decks I see (which isn’t saying much) so I may be doing something with that.

Tarot Altar Update: Not going that well

Hello cardslingers! I haven’t been posting a whole lot because I just keep failing at everything and don’t feel like there is much to share.

My Hot Mess Oracle and Tarot of Real projects are on the back burner for a variety of reasons excuses. I feel like I could get back to reviewing decks but I feel like I need to work with a deck a lot more than I have been. I want to give each deck a fair chance, you know?

And my tarot altar… certainly going much poorer than I anticipated. I’ve tried to enjoy the journey of putting it together but my obsession with obtaining what I see in my mind has sullied it.

BUT I do have something to show!


most of my decks!

The cube style shelf is something I got from Amazon. It has 9 sections, one in the top middle there dedicated to books, some of which are tarot related. The entire shelf isn’t a tarot-centric thing, so I won’t bother with a full shot of it.

I recently got some old stuff from storage that I hadn’t seen in 5+ years so some of that is involved here.

I had been keeping about 70% of my decks all tucked away in a closet but that was feeling kind of depressing so I lined them all up along the back there. It looks ok, I like it well enough. It’s not great. I don’t know. It’s fine for now.

You may notice the distinct lack of lovely embellished silk cloth. That’s because when I tried decorating it, it just… it didn’t work. I tried embroidering a simple border around it with my metallic thread but it just looked like shit. Like a bad kind of shit. Not the fun, touchy-tactile, hippy-boho mixed media thing that I really wanted. I didn’t even bother with the mirrors, which turned out being a bit too big overall. FML.

So instead I’m using a scarf sort of thing from storage. I’ve had this thing for quite awhile and I have always used it to mark off sacred space. So in a way it’s better than my silk cloth. It’s a little more special because my brain already has a built in association with it. It’s seen some shit, man.

From right to left: my tarot book (just spreads I love, for now), my selenite/fluorite wand, a tiny little hand carved opal skull.

My Darkstar wand, and my amethyst crystal.

The last bit on the right has my laughing Buddha. I don’t remember the circumstances around obtaining him. Maybe mid 2000s? The stone is ulexite,  given to me by a new friend this year.

The little box was given to me by a friend in the early 2000s. It has always housed my runes:


Runes have failed to capture my heart like tarot, but I’m thinking of giving it another go.

I don’t remember exactly when I got these runes but I’m pretty sure I got them off eBay. Must have been early 2000s as I don’t remember keeping anything else in that box.

The box sits on top of The Book of Runes. It was another gift from the mid 2000’s, I believe.

And I think that’s it! It looks a lot nicer than all the junk I had up there before. It’s kind of peaceful. I can’t do any large readings there but I could certainly toss out a few cards for a quick reading or to keep out to visit throughout the day. I will probably move all the tarot to one of the shelves so I have more room for junk. I’m fairly happy with it for now.

Has anybody else been working on any sorts of altars? I’d love to hear about it!



tarot altar: the book! (and updates)

So I’ve finally moved forward on my altar plans a bit. I got a book for it!

I wanted a book for keeping witchy type and figured I could keep tarot notes as well. I was hesitant about that at first because the whole point of having my tarot blog is to keep track of shit here. But it’s going to be much easier to consult my book and write notes down than to consult my computer. Because I’m always forgetting spreads ‘n shit.


It’s rather thick, has a ton of pages, and just looks and feels maaaaagical. It has two bookmarks and the pages are gilded. It’s a bit smelly and the paper is kind of rough and crappy but it’ll do.


I decided to break it in with something easy. I only have a small portion of my art supplies right now but I figure the book is going to get rather messy with art.

In other Altar News:

I now have my thread and needles so I can start embroidering around the edge. I’m probably going to just do a simple split stitch all around, making it kind of wavy and uneven and in multiple colors.

I also ordered 50 tiny little star studs that I’ll be installing around the border. I may attempt to do some constellations but I don’t know yet.

One last thing I have ordered is some little shisha mirrors. I may end up just putting one in each corner but I’m not completely sure yet.

I think I’ve decided against doing the iridescent star sequins. The kind that I like comes with way too many and I’ve been too lazy to ask the shop if they’ll do a smaller order. It might be a little overkill anyway 🙂

So, it’s not sexy, but here’s but it looks like right now:


so uninspiring

Yes. My altar is a pile of boxes. And my incense burner is some bit of cardboard I found. You make do, a’ight?

There is no rhyme or reason to it so far. The photograph is one of my own and I just put it there to spruce things up a bit. They grey thing is just a shawl I draped there just because.

I’ve got my current working deck, the Zombie Tarot, the incense burner, pendulum, planchette charm that broke off a collar, my selenite wand, my wood wand, and a chunk of ulexite that a friend recently gave to me and I LOVE IT.

So that’s a nice little update on my altar. Has anybody else decided to put one together? I’m always interested in seeing what other people do!


I’ve been quiet lately because I’ve been busy working on my digital tarot deck which I’ve hesitantly named Tarot of Real.

I do need to do some more tarot reviews, especially on the Starchild deck and the Lumina deck. I’ve been giving those more time than other decks because they’re more special. Maybe I can get one out this week.

As for Tarot of Real… it’s been a really fun project so far. I love hunting down images to use in art projects. It can be frustrating finding juuuuust the right unrestricted images. I have asked some online friends if they want to be in the deck in case I need something I can’t find.

I’d also like to extend that offer to anyone reading this (I’m ok with paying). I want a variety of people in my deck and I’m a little sick of the limited pool easily available on deviantArt.

I had a bit of a slow down working on the Aces since last week. A little combo of difficulty in getting the Ace of Swords just right and unable to find the right pentacle for the Ace of Pentacles. I really like how the Cup came out though.

Without further rambling here are the cards I’ve done since I last posted. Visit my Tarot of Real page link at top to find links to the projects on dA for credits.

*edit* I haven’t forgotten about the Hot Mess Oracle! I just haven’t been drawing on it. I keep getting stuck for image ideas!


The Fool? (nsfw art)

So I realized that the GIMP was only like ~50mb so I downloaded it. Wasn’t too bad on 4G. So I immediately started creating tarot inspired art. I made a RWS-esque Fool card but I used resources that needed a lot of crediting back, payments, etc.

Don’t get me wrong I’m all down for paying for wonderful stock images and giving proper credit. And I have the patience of a thousand Buddhist monks when it comes to working on things pixel by pixel… but I don’t have the patience to contact each individual person behind a stock image to get stuff done. (I mean if someone wants to partner up with me and do that half, lemme know…)

I’m absolutely tickled with how the RWS-esque Fool card came out but I can’t share (yet). But! I made another Fool card, not RWS but in the image of my Hot Mess Oracle. It’s not quiiiiiite done. But here it is!


ignore the green background and dotted lines

I’m having a hard time deciding between the saturated and unsaturated looks. I originally wanted something like the former. Once I finalize it I’ll stick it up in my deviantArt gallery (here is the draft) and provide all proper credits but I think it’s ok to share like this for now.

I’m inclined to do a whole deck like this but I don’t know if I will. For now I’m really enjoying just being motivated enough to create digital art again.

Lemme know what you think!

hot mess oracle #8 Victory #10 Wisdom #11 Kismet #20 Awakening + #13 Changes & #16 Catastrophe

I took a little tiny break from the Hot Mess oracle because working without a desk and chair was really killing my back. I got a chair on Saturday and my desk showed up yesterday.

I already had Kismet sketched up and knew what I wanted for Wisdom and Victory so I was able to whip out 4 pretty quickly yesterday. I may do more today.


OK so Wisdom is supposed to be a brain tree. I tried staring at my practice sketch with the brainy lines both colored and not colored in. I went and colored them in after taking this pic but it doesn’t look good either way. I may go and fill the trunk and roots as well, but I’m pretty sure I’ll have to completely redo it in the future. It works for now though.

I’m VERY happy with how Awakening came out! And yes I know I misspelled it 😦

I’m also super happy with Victory! This card and a couple others make me so glad I got a dual ended Sharpie.

Kismet was a really hard one to come up with. I kind of had this image in mind from the start. I went and looked at similar images. I used to draw a lot, especially things in perspective, but never could get the hang of paths and roads going off into the distance. It’ll do though.

I added Compassion to the skip pile along with Tradition. I just can’t come up with anything that works that I can also draw.

So that’s an update to the Hot Mess Oracle for today. I’m still considering coloring in some details with my silver Sharpie. It have plenty of time to figure it out so I’m not in a hurry.

Thanks for reading!


I worked on Wisdom a bit more and did Changes and Catastrophe. My hands have been shaking so I kept messing up Changes. I’m really happy with Catastrophe.