Hot Mess Oracle

hot mess oracle #8 Victory #10 Wisdom #11 Kismet #20 Awakening + #13 Changes & #16 Catastrophe

I took a little tiny break from the Hot Mess oracle because working without a desk and chair was really killing my back. I got a chair on Saturday and my desk showed up yesterday.

I already had Kismet sketched up and knew what I wanted for Wisdom and Victory so I was able to whip out 4 pretty quickly yesterday. I may do more today.


OK so Wisdom is supposed to be a brain tree. I tried staring at my practice sketch with the brainy lines both colored and not colored in. I went and colored them in after taking this pic but it doesn’t look good either way. I may go and fill the trunk and roots as well, but I’m pretty sure I’ll have to completely redo it in the future. It works for now though.

I’m VERY happy with how Awakening came out! And yes I know I misspelled it 😦

I’m also super happy with Victory! This card and a couple others make me so glad I got a dual ended Sharpie.

Kismet was a really hard one to come up with. I kind of had this image in mind from the start. I went and looked at similar images. I used to draw a lot, especially things in perspective, but never could get the hang of paths and roads going off into the distance. It’ll do though.

I added Compassion to the skip pile along with Tradition. I just can’t come up with anything that works that I can also draw.

So that’s an update to the Hot Mess Oracle for today. I’m still considering coloring in some details with my silver Sharpie. It have plenty of time to figure it out so I’m not in a hurry.

Thanks for reading!


I worked on Wisdom a bit more and did Changes and Catastrophe. My hands have been shaking so I kept messing up Changes. I’m really happy with Catastrophe.



Hot Mess Oracle – #5 Authority, #22 Justice, #7 Passion


Hahaha oh my. I had a headache all day yesterday and most of today. Started recovering and got really motivated to do some cards. I blame residual headache for why I did Justice out of order. Ah well.

Authority is from the Emperor. I had a little bit of a problem thinking of a doable idea but I’m fairly happy with the final product.

Justice is from Justice of course. I don’t know why I have it on my list as #22. I know I switched some things around. Whatevs! Anyway, really obvious, easy, unimaginative but it’s perfect.

Passion took me a few minutes to think up and I think it’s perfect. I may go in later and color the heart in black or scribbly black to look burt.

Yes I skipped Tradition. I just… I can’t come up with anything workable. I have a few thoughts when it comes to tradition: family (I’m not a family-person so I’m not sure if I want that in my deck?), activities such as religious and superstition things (also not my thing), and something that’s harder to describe in words and I can see represented a few ways through imagery but would make absolutely no sense to anybody else. I showed it to my boyfriend and he was all “Bwa?!”. So I stuck the ideas aside for the day and figured I’d wait for something else to come to me when it’s inconvenient i.e. in the shower, as I’m falling asleep…

I decided I wanted the edges to be black so I’ve blackened all the cards I’ve finished so far. We’re up to 7, btw! Only 70 more to go if I go for the whole deck. WOOOO!ooooo… D:

Maybe you’ll notice a liiiittle more detail in these cards. I got some new markers! A Fine/Ultra fine double ended Sharpie, a silver Sharpie, and a gold Sharpie. It hasn’t made my artistic “abilities” any better but it has given me lots more wiggle room.

I was thinking of using the silver to add a silver accent to each card or maybe color the background in on each one? I’m not sure yet. It may be a bad idea. It may be a good idea!

The gold came with the silver and it doesn’t stick to the card stock for some reason so I guess I’ll save it for edging other decks. Or for drawing on regular paper. I don’t know but I’m rather disappointed in that.

Up next is Victory which I have several ideas for, and Compassion which I haven’t quite figured out yet!

Hot Mess Oracle – #3 Intuition & #4 Creativity

I’m really not super happy with the Intuition card. This isn’t even half of the attempts I made. I wanted a female figure wearing a blindfold, or covering her eyes. Then I wanted her to have a 3rd eye. Ugh. Everything I tried wouldn’t have worked out with my chunky marker or would just look like a freaky alien cyclops thing. So I settled on the most basic idea which is, after all, what I wanted to keep in mind for this first deck anyway.


The Creativity card was much easier. I had a good direction to go with and I like how it came out, for the most part.

Intuition is supposed to sort of represent the High Priestess. Sorry, High Priestess


Scattered thought bubbles to show ideas and inspiration coming from everywhere. Lightbulb for ideas, paint palette (I swear it’s a paint palette!), a butterfly for obvious reasons I hope, and even a little thought bubble with messy scribble. Because messing up is part of creativity.

This card is based off the Empress.

Overall I think I’ve got 1 card that I am disappointed in and 3 that I’m fine or very happy with. Not bad so far.

Hot Mess Oracle #2 – Power

So after a couple days of trying to draw my idea of “Power” (an fist in the air with fists in the background and power spikes) and completely failing every single attempt (always looked like strange cluster of penes) I decided to go back to my 2nd idea. Something akin to The Quickening.

There was only one first draft and it didn’t change any to the final product so here it is:


Cartoony fists are not my specialty.

Power is the figure of a person standing on a hill radiating energy. Based off The Magician.

p.s. I was buzzing on caffeine when I did this. Made it a little extra special I guess.

Hot Mess Oracle – #1 Innocence

So I finished the first card! (minus coloring, which doesn’t immediately concern me)

Here’s the progression of sketches playing with the idea. I knew exactly what I wanted and could picture it clearly so it was a matter of drawing it the best I can. I love these sorts of cartoony type drawings. Like the Powerpuff Girls. I don’t know if that’s what I’m going for for the whole deck though.


Drawing on slippery cardstock… not recommended when you’re trying to be precise. The V-neck on the final product was an accident. :-/

That’s supposed to be a cloud, btw.

Innocence is based off the Fool.

the Hot Mess oracle – part #3 – card names

So I don’t think The Universe (hah!) wants me to create this damn deck.

Last night I had a hot bath and had very wonderful clear ideas for how I’d make the first 2 cards for a digital collage deck. When I got out I found some images to work with. But I’m stuck on my BF’s shitty laptop for now, he doesn’t have GIMP, I can’t seem to use Pixlr, I’m on 4G so I can’t download anything large, and my thumb drive is mysteriously and suddenly broken. Not to mention I just have a regular mouse… don’t get me wrong, I’ve had loads of success just using a mouse, so that wouldn’t slow me down. But still.

So fuck it. This is going to be the Hot Mess oracle (I blame Jack for the name).

So my process is going to be to practice each card on scrap paper, then draw it out on the actual card. It’ll be very thick and messy but that’ll have to work. I’ll consider that my working draft until I can complete a digital collage version of  it.

So here’s my working list of card titles I want to start with (the others aren’t completely ironed out yet):

  1. Innocence
  2. Power
  3. Intuition
  4. Creativity
  5. Authority
  6. Tradition
  7. Passion
  8. Victory
  9. Compassion
  10. Wisdom
  11. Kismet
  12. Self-Sacrifice
  13. Change
  14. Equilibrium
  15. Bondage
  16. Catastrophe
  17. Optimism
  18. Reflection
  19. Attainment
  20. Awakening
  21. Fulfillment
  22. Justice

Today I plan on sketching out Innocence and Power. Who knows how this will go. I’m just hoping that, no matter how horrible my art is, I end up with something resembling the card meanings.

creating my own deck – part # 2 – problems already

I don’t normally post three times in one day but hey. Nobody’s here to stop me. You also can’t stop me from this extreme ramble coming up:

So I found I’m drawn more and more to creating an oracle deck rather than tarot deck. So I narrowed my dozen or so ideas down to two decks to choose to make: one involving symbols associated with the tarot cards or one that is cute doodles that would draw heavily from RWS but still stand on their own enough.

I tested the various colored pencils and markers I have on an extra card. Unfortunately the Micron pens do not work on the cards. The ink just does not dry. So this ruled out doing anything in detail. So I can either do the symbols deck or order some extra fine tip Sharpies.

I went through Holistic Tarot by Benebell Wen to collect one word for each card. I wanted to do this no matter which deck I went with, so now at least I have it all written down.


Then I started sketching out the symbol ideas. It’s very basic, nothing interesting at all. No artistic merit… just a couple of symbols arranged together. I think I did about 6 drafts of the Major arcana keywords I wrote and then oops… Something I didn’t think about. The pips don’t really have symbols associated with them in the same way as the minors. The court cards do though.

So do I just make a Major + Court inspired symbol oracle deck? That would be 38 cards, not too bad I guess (there’s just something about 78 cards though, y’know?). Do I come up with my own symbols for the pips, or some of them? That seems way out of my realm and would break the existing symbol vibe I have for the majors.

This would leave me with 40 left over cards I can set aside and do something with later.

Or I can just do whatever the fuck for each card. Work with the shit I have. I could draw some very rudimentary symbols but that’s not what I really set out to do and I’m afraid I just won’t want to use them when I’m done.

Or, again, I can just wait until I can order some Sharpies.

Another option I can do is carry on labelling all the cards and just leave them like that until I have all my supplies so I can collage on them. This is the most desirable route although it puts a stop to my thirst to create an oracle deck.

I’ll have to sleep on it, maybe consult some legit tarot/oracle cards. But for now, I have 22 labeled cards and they’re actually kind of neat to play with on their own.

Creating my own deck – Part #1 – Thoughts ‘n such

On a whim I decided to order some blank tarot cards. They arrived today.


They’re made by US Games Systems and it was only $8. The backs are a fairly ugly plaid so I won’t bother showing it off. The cardstock is very nice! The backs are a bit glossy while the front is just super smooth and matte, or mostly matte.

My initial thought was that I could just make art on the cards and not necessarily try to make it an oracle or tarot deck. I was thinking I could do my favorite collage-y mixed media-y style and maybe see if it works as an oracle.

Now I’m thinking that since collage would be bulky and make it hard to manage maybe I’ll just doodle. I could try doing a proper tarot deck but that’s just beyond me in so many ways.

98% of my art supplies are in storage so that presents another problem. Do I want to start working on ideas for each card and wait to work on them later? Or just work with what I have now? $8 is cheap enough that I figure I can make something with what I have and I could always do another one later.

This morning I woke up feeling a bit sick and I’m feeling even sicker by the moment. Hopefully it’ll pass quickly but now I have something nice and easy to do while I wait for it all to pass. The hardest part of all of this is deciding which direction to go!

What do you think, have you thought about making your own deck like this, just a OOAK little project for yourself?