Tiny Photo Lenormand

My own Lenormand deck

Because I totally needed another project to half-ass and then loose steam on halfway through, amiright?

So I recently was bitten by the Lenormand bug. I spent countless hours researching the cards and different decks and such. I can’t afford to buy one and I have no playing cards to convert so I thought I’d doodle up my own, much like my Hot Mess Oracle. I wanted it to be super cutesy, simple, tiny, and colorful.

Awwww shit of course it already exists. Fuuuuuck. It looks exactly as I pictured in my head. I may continue doodling my own but I won’t be in a hard hurry. I don’t want anybody saying I copied hers, so I have to try to change it up a bit. But I will be buying hers! I hear it’s being restocked this month.

So I’m like fuckit I’ll make a wee little photo Lenormand ’cause I like that idea. And I’ll use stock photos because I want to get this done in my lifetime and that makes it fun anyway. I want to have simple, in-your-face, obvious imagery.

So this is what I have so far:



Ignore the green borders, blue, and red dashed borders. 



There are several images I’m not super happy with but they do the job. I may replace some of them. And I can’t find the perfect image for the rest of them. These are all free stock images. I may have to start paying at this point. That’s fine though.

I do plan on putting at least an unobtrusive number on each card, maybe some sort of basic decorative borders.

It’s not a specially exciting project but it kept me a little busy for awhile.

On a related note, I’ve been playing around with some photo manipulation/collage type stuff and I’m tempted to do something oracle-y with them. I’ve only made about 4 so far but they’ve been more meaningful and thought provoking than 99.9% of the oracle decks I see (which isn’t saying much) so I may be doing something with that.