Deck Interview: Dust II Onyx


So I preordered the Dust 2 Onyx deck ages ago and I got it this weekend! It is an absolutely amazing deck, my favorite of all time without a doubt. I may be brave and do a video review but I may end up just doing a blog post. For now I just gotta say… this deck immediately blew my mind and made me feel all sorts of stuff. I almost hesitate to say this but just owning this deck may have made me think/feel something spiritually. I feel a bit cringy saying that because it’s just not me and I have no business using a word that doesn’t fit me but I can’t think of any other way to say it.

The artist included an interview spread in the book, which is similar to the one I usually use but better. I’ll say ahead of time that I wanted to do the spread right away but after seeing one of the cards I put it off. I wanted the card to show up in my reading so bad that I almost didn’t do the reading. I don’t know what made me feel that way… this deck has just… it’s been doing things to me, ok? So just stick with me 🙂

I’ll do a brief overview of what I drew below.

The Cards



looook. just looook! so lovely!


The Deets

1: Main Characteristics – Four of Coins

The main idea of this card is security. I feel like this deck is a security blanket, so this is spot on. It’s more of an emotional (or spiritual?) feel for me so it’s like maybe it shoulda been cups so I’m having a hard time “getting” it as a coin card…

2: Strength – Suspension

I definitely get the “new perspective” idea for the card here and can lead to a lot of personal growth. When I first had this deck in my hands I already felt like I’d see some things differently.

3: Weakness – Lil’ Blade

Fun fact! I drew this card for my Major Lesson for 2018! I did this interview spread before my Major Lesson draw so I forgot I got it again until I looked back at this pic.

4: Lesson You Teach – The Sun

What a perfect card for this spread, from this deck. It just feels so -right-. I think this card is here to confirm the overall thoughts and feelings I get from the deck.

5: Our Relationship – Death

Another perfect card for this reading. I feel like it ties in together with the whole reading and fits right in with what I felt upon handling the deck for the first time.

6: The Outcome – The Outcome

This is the card that I wanted to show up in this spread. Yet again this is the perfect card.

Final Thoughts

Wow, so that was a lot of feeling. I feel like I got a reading that I wanted which I think is a first. Usually, I get readings that confirm things or give me something to think about. But this one came to me like a friend I always wanted telling me stuff I’ve been wanting to hear.

Apologies for this seeming too scattered. We recently got a teenage cat and damn he is energetic and distracting!

Do tell, were you lucky enough to get this deck’s first edition? Are you planning on getting the 2nd?


Alter Ego Spread

I ran across the Meet Your Alter Ego tarot spread by the Daily Tarot Girl quite awhile ago. A month, maybe longer? I thought… how fun! My neglected inner-writer thought it could be a fun character building spread.

I was also thinking maybe it could help me bridge some kind of Gap of Understanding between reason and woo (because deep down inside I always think if woo was real it would be kind of cool). What if I could build an unadulterated persona (woo-sona?) to frolick in fields of comic crystal vibrations and spread rainbow bunny unicorn poop to the masses?

Or you know… Maybe I can just do the spread because I like trying spreads.

I kept putting it off. “I have to do it at the right time,” was one excuse. “I can’t decide on a deck to use!” was another excuse. I’ve never had problems choosing a deck before. So what gives?! Last night I made a note in my planner to do the spread today, no matter what. No more excuses. It looks fun and cute, why am I putting it off?

I probably could have done a spread about that.


me_irl tho

But I realized that I really was taking this way too seriously. I think it was getting all mixed up in this internal drama I’ve been having with myself about wanting to help people through tarot in a therapeutic way without being a therapist but keeping it secular and sane.

So I’m working on getting over it. I whipped out my Zombie tarot and got to work.

The Cards


forgive the cellphone pic. my nice camera is still a pain to use.

Play by Play

#1 – How the repressed parts of yourself are affecting your life – 6 of Cups

Childhood and nostalgia! The little boy here seems to have lost his hand. The girl doesn’t seem to mind. All seems to be well here…

I really do think about my past a lot. I often wonder how things would be different “if…”. I’m not too fond of my childhood. I have more negative memories than not. I don’t think I’m repressing the bad. Is it possible to repress the good? Oh. Ouch.That’s a tender spot there. Moving along!

#2, #3 and #4 – Personality traits, dreams, and issues that make up your alter ego – 2 of Hazards, 4 of Cups, The Chariot

Balance, dissatisfaction, drive? I read these three together. Seems no matter what I do, I’m not happy but I’m bound to find happiness somewhere, even if I have to just power through the crappy shit.

I’ll have to revisit this section I think.

#5 – How you can integrate your alter ego into your daily life – King of Cups

Oh ok so I’m just supposed to dive into my emotions and control them. I don’t consider myself much of an emotional person. This means my alter ego is?

#6 – How to embrace and work with your alter ego – 6 of Swords

I feel like this is telling me to travel. Maybe physically but the main point is to get out (of my head?), experience some life (different ways of thinking?), something like that.

#7 – Advice your alter ego has for you today! – Knight of Wands

Get out there! Be bold! And loud! Captain Jack Harkness pops up into my mind for some reason.

Final Thoughts

Well this was a fun little reading to do. I don’t know what more to say than that. I don’t think I’ll come up with a fleshed out character like Daily Tarot Girl’s but hey! It gave me something to think about.


First Faery Forest Oracle reading

I haven’t posted a reading in awhile! So I thought I’d type up my first reading with my new Faery Forest Oracle. This isn’t a review, but spoiler alert: I’m rather pleased so far but I’m still trying to get used to it.

I tried The Cycles of the Moon Spread from the accompanying book. If you know me you know I love trying the spreads that were made for their decks. Maybe a little too much. Yes I still use a deck with a variety of other spreads but there’s something about using one meant for it, you know?

I was extra drawn to this spread because it doesn’t require a question. I like open ended spreads. So all I had to do was get in the mood (i.e. right frame of mind to settle down and focus on the task at hand).

The Cards


Play by Play

#1 Waning Moon – Isa (Stillness, Pause, Delicacy)

I feel like this is telling me that there is something I’ll no longer keep quiet on. This card reminds me to snap out of it, say something, do something. Even if it’s in my own little way. Just stop being quiet. This could be in regards to the bullshit going on in our country right now because I don’t feel like it’s speaking about any other matters.

#2 Dark Moon – Dark Moon (Vision, Trance, Apparitions)

This position is something about something I’m keeping hidden deep within, I think?

At first, I thought this card was trying to tell me that deep down inside I’m a fluffbunny that believes in woo. But I’m not completely sure what smelly orifice I pulled that out of. I know for certain it’s not true, but I will always admit (rather embarrassingly) that I sometimes wish that kind of bullshit was true. Wouldn’t it be neat? C’mon, admit it, an actual spirit guide would be handy. Being able to actually heal yourself with energy wheels inside your body would be incredible.

This is an interesting one to pick apart. As for dreams I am super interested in dreams and dreaming. They really fascinate me. I have very long, full, colorful dreams just about every night.

#3 New Moon – The Golden Unicorn (Protector, Guardian, Champion)

This was another “at first, I thought…” card. If I go with what the card text actually suggests, someone may be coming into my life that would take on an important role. I keep wanting to say “mentor”. Neat! I have been thinking that I’d like to find someone with whom I share the same beliefs who is doing with their practice what I want to do with mine.

#4 Waxing Moon – Ragnarok (Destruction, Ending, Final moment)

This position is about how something will come about, more or less. And how fantastic this card is to answer it. Something must be ended before something else begins. I feel like this reading is about my current struggles with what I want to do with my tarot readings so the card here could be telling me that something in this area needs to end. I did briefly think earlier “Maybe I should give all this up”. Maybe it means I need to stop reading for myself. Or stop being so against The Woo and just embrace it, as long as it lets me accomplish my goals. Or that I shouldn’t bother taking my tarot interest in any new directions.

#5 Full Moon – Shapeshifter (Transformation, Primal wisdom, Instinct)

Another card that is easy to read. At the end of all this, I think I’ll be transformed, so to speak. This makes sense after the previous card that speaks of endings. Something has to come from that and that will be something new. A new way of thinking, perhaps. A new outlook on my practice?

Final Thoughts

So that was my reading with the Faery Oracle. I think I’ll go over it again tomorrow and maybe stick in some after-thoughts. I think I got thrown off by one card but the rest seems to have fallen into place rather nicely. It seemed to speak about a specific issue even though the spread doesn’t require a question.

It seemed to speak about a specific issue even though the spread didn’t require a question. So I have a good, slightly less-stuck-in-my-own-head view of the issue.

I think I’ll leave this here for now. I’d love to know if you have this deck, how does it work for you? It seems to have a detached yet friendly and wise voice to me, what about you?



Fullmoon Spread – my reading process

I wanted to do a walk-through of a typical reading for myself. I thought it would be fun to share my process, the thinking behind the cards, etc. I think I’ve done something like this before?

Maybe this will be useful for n00bs. Maybe not. Maybe it’ll provide a laugh. Maybe not! Maybe it’ll help me be less of a shit reader. I don’t know. Let me know!

The Cards


I saw some random post somewhere about full moon spreads. So I hit up Google and settled immediately on this one. I drew it up last night, took a pic to record what I got, and looked at it a little bit but today I’m really diving into it.

And what better deck to use for a full moon spread than the Bohemian Gothic? So many scenes are illuminated by moonlight!

Play by Play

#1 Things to let go of – The Devil

could you have picked anything more obvious and generic?

The devil is addiction and for this card it is super obvious. But what am I addicted to? I quit drinking caffeine (again) this year because I hated being dependent on it (we’re talking massive headaches and puking for hours if I don’t get any on time). But I recently discovered Thai iced tea and I’ve been drinking that every day for the past week or so. I’m hoping I won’t build a dependence on it.

If it’s some other addiction, I’m not sure what it would be. I am rather hooked to Reddit and YouTube. Those provide a connection to so many people and communities that I don’t feel like ditching them would be beneficial.

Or maybe the card just wants me to think of addictions in general. Maybe it wants me to shake up my routine (or lack thereof). We’ll see. Good draw, though.

#2 Things to Keep – The World

I’ve always struggled a bit with this card. I’ve always felt a definite “your world” feeling. Not the literal world, but what surrounds you.

Looking at the card in this deck doesn’t do much for me. It’s pretty but I don’t get meaning from it. It’s a lady by a stream or river and what in the world is she doing? Holding something? The leaves on the tree?

Biddy Tarot says “Completion, integration, accomplishment, travel”. OK. I can get the “completion” vibe a bit with my usual interpretation. Just not with the art.

The LWB says “what makes me feel complete”. Much more in tune with my personal meaning. But still no connection to the art!

So what I need to keep are things that make me feel complete. I’ve been putting a lot of time and money into working on my wardrobe. Being able to to put together outfits so I can look like how I’ve wanted to look for a large portion of my life is the closest to a feeling of “complete” I’ve ever had.

It gets a little more complicated than that but basically I think this card is just reminding me to stay on my path of discovering, and being, myself.

Now that I’ve sat here and let all this stew with me a bit, I feel like the art makes a little more sense. She seems so at peace and content. I think those things can come when you feel complete.

#3 Things yet to Come – Knight of Cups

I’ve always always always had a hard time with court cards! I really need to make it a life mission to figure these assholes out. The art never speaks to me. I always have to look them up. I never remember the book meaning. I can never tack on any personal meaning.

But I tried really hard to figure this one from the art and my fleeting memories of what shit in tarot means (you can’t tell I’ve been doing this for 15 years, right?): OK so we have a dude on a horse with a cup. He appears to be exiting a building. Cups are emotions, right? He’s leaving a building? So let’s just say for now this card is about emotions getting out.

interpretation via art: Things yet to come? A releasing/emerging of emotions. Right-o. I can get behind that. Except aren’t court cards supposed to specifically represent a person? OK… Maybe someone in my life will be doing the releasing to me.

Biddy says: “Romance, charm, ‘Knight in shining armour’, imagination”

interpretation via Biddy tarot: Someone romantic will come into my life. I’d love a gf so hey, that’s great news! Fat chance though.

The LWB says all sorts of things that don’t tie into the art and don’t click with me. So I’m sticking with my art intuition on this one.

#4 How the World Affects You – Eight of Swords

Traditional meaning and personal interpretation is usually easy for me on this one.

Funny though. I didn’t quite “get” the art until now. I looked closely at the card for the umpteenth time, looked at the LWB (“Feeling trapped in a situation…”) for the umpteenth time… and it clicked. I finally get the art for this deck.

Bitch, they’re just rats. You’re not trapped. Yes they’re rather large rats, but you’re not actually trapped.

So that makes this position rather obvious for me. The “world” makes me feel trapped and like I want to isolate myself. Of course I’m not actually trapped. It may suck, but I can get out of this.

#5 What to Give – Eight of Swords

I am endlessly amused about getting this card in this position. “What to give”? Here, have a card about taking.

Yeah I got nothing. Help?

#6 What to receive – Knight of Swords

Oh joy another court card. Thanks.

OK so he’s standing there. There’s a sword leaning against a table. Swords are like intellect, right? There’s a book open on the table, with a candle. I get a sense that maybe its late. Maybe he’s been up studying all night? A studious little fella. Yeah OK so uh…

OK but this is supposed to be a person. So I look at the LWB… somethingblahblah… “a leader with great energy and intelligence”. Cool, so that’s a vibe I can get with.

Stewing on this a bit… I feel like it’s telling me to receive… I don’t know how to phrase it. A sense of studiousness?

#8 What to learn – Queen of Wands

Ohhh more court cards. It’s not Christmas! Not.

I’ve been in love with this card ever since it started stalking me… around this same time last year. Hmm. I sure as fuck don’t remember what it means.

So we got a lady in a big fancy dress. She’s at some kind of ball. There are a bunch of other people there, but way in the background. Nobody is around her. Maybe they’re all looking at her? It seems she’s trying to mind her own business awhile fanning herself, but she seems to be looking back. Is she concerned about what the others think of her?

My favorite part is the black cat. I can’t decide if it’s spooked or just fluffy.

Maybe the card is telling me to not be concerned about what others think. I’ve already got that down to a science though. So what else could it mean? Maybe I -should- care, just a bit? I’ve been posting a lot of outfits over on my main blog, and on Reddit, and Instagram. I’ve noticed that I’ve gotten a shit ton more attention over my outfits on the Internet than I have anything else I’ve ever posted since I became an active Internet-goer in the mid 90s. I’ve even realized it this week.

So maybe the card says I should pay attention to people paying attention to me. Learn to care what others look like, it might be a good idea. Maybe it will bring me something I desire – some cool discussions, friends, opportunities.

Yes, I like that. It’s sounding perfect. Let’s see what the LWB says: “An attractive woman… someone passionate and sensual… ” Ehhh ok. I am recently passionate about being able to look how I want I guess.

What does Biddy say? “Quick thinker, organised, perceptive, independent”

OK. Well. There’s that.

So I liked to combine meanings and interpretations. Take everything I got from the art and add in being organized and independent.But I’m fucking exhausted by now and don’t feel like extrapolating that.

Final Thoughts

The Spread I really like this spread. In my wild fantasies I can see myself doing this every full moon. It’s going in my book of tarot spreads. If I was an organized, proactive, self-aware person I’d take the information and figure out how to apply it to my life for each month. But I am not that person.

The Deck I love this deck. I’m really getting into it. I loved it when I first saw it but of course had some problems with interpreting the art. But today I obviously had some breakthroughs.

The Reading – There’s a lot of court cards. I don’t think I’ve really cared about a strong court turn out before and I don’t know what it means. Any feedback on that would be great.

The spread also has a good chunk of swords. This is a very intellectual spread, I think. It’s not so much about material or whatnot.

I see World and Queen of Wands are facing each other. Maybe the Queen is looking a little further back than just directly at World. World was about completion and being content which was all about my wardrobe. The Queen was also related to my wardrobe. This is really highlighting something I’ve found very important to me, though I never thought in a million years I’d be in this sort of position about just clothes.

Overall – So yeah. Wow. Overall I’d say this was a pretty on-point reading. It really makes me feel more confident in my combined intuition/art interpretation/traditional/whatever reading methods. It also cemented in my mind how very important it is to write all this out. Especially on keyboard. I would have gotten writers cramp with paper and pen. Don’t get me wrong, I love the physical act of writing. I think of any excuse to write things by hand… but it’s not always practical. You may not think you’ll get much out of it but it’s really a very important process.


The Vampire Spread

I’ve been feeling the urge to read with the Bohemian Gothic tarot but wasn’t really sure what spread I wanted to do. I looked at the booklet and the Vampire Spread jumped out at me. I love trying out deck-specific spread and this one looked perfect for me right now.

The Cards


well this is going to be a downer

Play by Play

#1 Who or What is draining my energy? – The Tower

I feel like this was a super obvious card. All the violence, hatred, and destruction in the world really gets to me. People killing people, people killing animals, people killing our environment. It’s really becoming overwhelming lately.

#2 Why am I vulnerable to this? – The Star

This has been getting me down in particular because I have so much hope for the future of mankind and the planet. I want things to get better and I want to provide help but I can’t.

#3 What is the main effect this is having on me? – Two of Swords

It’s making me feel like I’m blocked, I’m trapped, no where to go. It may seem like there’s a choice but I really don’t think there is anything I can do.

#4 What should I do to avoid this happening? – Three of Pentacles

It looks like we have Frankenstein and his monster here. The doc has worked hard to make his monster. It took a lot of creativity and teamwork. I feel like this card is telling me to work with others, and that may lessen the terrible thoughts and feelings. I have recently started knitting for charity, and have thought about getting in contact with other knitters/crocheters. It’s such a minor thing in the grand scheme of things but it’s something.

#5 One further piece of advice about the situation. – Eight of Wands

I feel like the art in this card is telling me that things will get worse before they get better. It’s really cliche and stupid, sure, but it is what it is. And I think these things will happen quickly, and it’ll be over soon if I act quickly. Maybe if I hit the charitable projects hard and fast…

Final Thoughts

This is a fantastic spread. And I think this might be my first proper spread with this deck? It came out pretty crystal clear. I hope I was able to phrase it all according to how I was “getting” this reading. It all makes so much sense in my head until I start trying to type it out in an orderly fashion.

But yeah, basically this really sets some of my thoughts and worries straight. Doesn’t make them better, but gives me a bit of a heads up.

Thanks for tuning in! I’d love to hear if you’ve done this spread and how it went for you. I’m definitely going to keep it in my arsenal. 


“Should I accept the job offer?”

It’s not often that I do readings for others but someone was having a difficult time deciding on something so I jokingly asked if he wanted me to consult the tarot. To my surprise he said yes. Excuse the crap photo.

The Cards


I chose to use my rusty trusty Universal Waite because it’s the easiest for me to read.

The spread is just a simple yes/no thing that I kind of picked up off a Facebook group. Everybody and their dog is always posting a question along with 3 cards… I don’t know if they had an unspoken way of reading that particular spread but I just started using it in my own way with good results.

My sitter ignored anything I tried to tell him after that so I’ll just get it out here. I’m doing this partially to just keep a record of it and I’d also love feedback on how I did, and see if you see anything different.

Play by Play

King of Cups: Cups are about emotions and the King here is about caring and being in control of emotions. I think think taking this job will provide my sitter with some emotional peace and control.

Death: This card is about things ending, beginning, change. I think here the card says the job may provide a change that the King is looking for (look! he’s looking right at Death!).

Two of Wands: This dude is all about looking out to the future, and planning. And he’s looking at Death. Lots of focus on change here. I think taking this particular job will help facilitate some important future planning.

Final Thoughts

My personal feelings on the matter was more of a “no” but I got an overwhelming yet well mannered “yes” from this reading. I can’t really explain how I get a yes/no from these spreads, I just do.

7 Parts of Self Spread

OK I don’t know what else to call this off hand and it’s still rusty. I did a lot of poking around trying to figure this out and really could use feedback.

I’ve sort of felt like trying to “translate” fluff and woo shit into more reasonable, grounded shit. I started with a spread from the Starseed tarot but I was having difficulties with it so today I started working on a 7 card chakra spread. I referenced a chart in Holistic Tarot by Benebell Wen ’cause I sure as fuck can’t remember all the chakras on my own.

I think this spread has a lot of flexibility to it but I was thinking of it mostly as a multi-topic check with yourself. It could also work well with character development.

And I don’t have the space to do 7 cards vertically or horizontally so I came up with this layout that looks a bit like a person? Of course layouts don’t matter but I do like this one.

The Layout


The Play by Play

1. Reasoning – Where is your head right now?

2. Intuition – Is there anything you need to know about your intuition?

3 . Communication – How are you communication with the world right now?

4. Relationships – What are your relationships like right now?

5. Work – For work, careers, even hobbies, what is important to you right now?

6. Emotions/Creativity – How is your emotional wellbeing right now?

7. Foundation/Ego/Core – This is you as a whole. How’re you doin’?


Daily Shadow 3/1/16

I got the Fallen Angel Oracle deck yesterday and I’m in love! I did a pull for yesterday for a daily card but I didn’t bother posting it and I don’t remember what it was. I’m soooo bad about doing dailies but this deck really makes me want to do them again.. I know they’re not going to be too interesting to y’all but I wanted to at least show one card off.


this deck really vibes with my wand

This card couldn’t have come at a better time. Yesterday I did a fair bit of drinking and ugly crying (not some of it at the same time) and this card reminds us to take care of our health and reflect on life.

Bittersweet spread for a relationship

I was really itching to do a little reading. I don’t think I’ve done much with this deck so I grabbed it and used the Bittersweet spread that came in the LWB. I wanted to inquire about one of my personal relationships.

This is an art deck with non traditional symbology so I figured I’d rely on first reactions as much as possible.

The Cards


Temperance (Sweet) and the Knave of Swords (Bitter)

Play by Play

1 – Temperance (Sweet)

Funnily enough this weekend I was talking about how I never get the Temperance card and it would be one that would probably throw me off as soon as I get it. I don’t remember the last time I got it, I can’t even picture what it looks like in the RW deck.

Anyway, I immediately got a sense of coziness and general sweetness, possibly some sense of elation. So I got a sweet card for sweet. This relationship has a lot of potential for happiness and contentedness, if a little frivolous and not down to earth.

2 – Knave of Swords (Bitter)

This one I didn’t have a strong of a reaction to but the best I get is caution. Not quite distrust but certainly a hesitation. The bitterness here may come down to losing trust and/or some bit of communication.

Using the book I feel this card may mean an end to curiosity or damage to a positive outlet.

Final Thoughts

This is a really cool little spread that I hope to use more and really get to know. I think it will be very useful.

As for the reading I think it came out rather interesting, as usual. Gives me something to think about, as usual. The Sweet card makes sense and the Bitter card I feel could be a good warning for us?

I was going to password protect this entry but I can’t seem to find that option now. That was an option before, right?

{NSFW} The Gate of Love reading

I mentioned awhile ago that I wanted to start doing readings that are included with a deck’s LWB. Well I’ve had this deck for a few months… it was a present from my BF. He wanted me to pick a “sexy deck”. I gave him a list of choices and he picked this one.

It cost more than I wanted to pay but BF insisted. So here we are.

I haven’t wanted to do a reading for it but I do like looking at the art. I pulled it out yesterday to look again and realized I really should do the spread in the LWB. It’s called “The Gate of Love” spread. The LWB says it’s “suitable for discovering something about the relationship between two people.”

I scared up a client friend and did a reading and wanted to share it for the couple, and to show off the cards. And wow it came out better than I thought! I don’t think this deck is just a novelty deck. I think it will be very nice for relationships! Like… duh 😉

I went By The Book/traditional because… because I can, ok?

The Spread


The Play by Play

#1 – The Querent – Who is the Querent and how does she stand in the relationship?

I get that she is greedy in this relationship, particularly with matters of money and physical objects.

#2 – The left hand pillar – What does the Querent expect from this relationship?

I always see this card is about being alone (not lonely, just alone). So by that she wants a lot of alone time, her space. But traditionally speaking the card means spiritual guidance, council, wisdom. Maybe she wants to be able to grow intellectually in this relationship?

#3 – The right hand pillar – What does the Querent fear from this relationship?

Judgement! She fears judgement, being seen “bare” (for who she really is).

#4 – The architrave (responsibility) – What does this relationship imply for the Querent?

The Devil here represents bondage, addiction, darkness that lies within us. But I’m having a hard time plugging it into this position. Partially because the working in the book is weird and partially because maybe I’m just a bit of a dummy. I can almost suss it out though.

#5 – The lock – How does the Querent see the partner?

She sees him as constantly moving (especially mentally) and heading towards some goal.

#6 – The key – How the Querent should communicate with the partner.

This is the Knave of Wands but I initially somehow misread is as the 2 of Wands. 2 of Wands made a lot more sense here (communication should be exploratory and free). As the correct card I’m getting a bit blocked. I almost feel like she should be guarded with the way she communicates with him, and that’s what I’m getting a bit from the intuitive angle as well.

#7 – Beyond the gate – How will the relationship evolve and what is the relationship between them like?

There will be a great deal of challenge and struggling between them, even competition coming between them.

Final Thoughts

3 Wands, 3 Majors, 1 Pentacle. It sure leans heavily towards the wands, which the book says is the suit of sharp wits and willpower.

I think overall the reading came out quite interesting and it was fun to day. I really like the spread and it really made me love the cards and want to work with them again. Now I’m actually excited to do a review!