Tarot Lies #2: You have to be gifted your first deck

hah. I started this post months ago. I guess it’s worth finishing and putting up…

Previously on Tarot Lies, we discussed how we’re told we can’t read for ourselves. Today I’ll be ranting about another fucking lie that really gets to me: “You have to be gifted your first deck.” From what I can tell this lie isn’t spread as much as the first one. But it still makes me roll my eyes.


This deck was gifted to me in my early days of taroting, back in 2001ish.

Don’t get me wrong about gifting. It’s wonderful to give and be given a deck! And if it’s your first one, that’s fantastic! Even better if it’s a hand-me-down, something from an elder, perhaps? That is really awesome and I am jealous of people who have family members who hand their decks down. SO JELLY.

But let’s get fucking real here. If you’re afraid of buying your own deck because you think it’s bad luck, something bad will happen or whatever – you’re just being superstitious. STAHP. We don’t like superstition around here. (if you do then I apologize but you’re at the wrong blog)

I’ve done some poking around to see if there is some sort of origin behind this silly lie but I couldn’t find anything. So let’s break this down, look at it a little more logically than “DURR HURR SUPERSTITION”. (wow I’m really being a bit of a cunt now)

Gifted a First Deck


  • Free deck, yay!
  • If it came from someone you respect, that makes it special.
  • It could be a good way to get your feet wet in the hobby, especially if you’re nervous about picking your own deck (which you totally shouldn’t be!). And specially if you hadn’t really thought to try it out before.


  • This is the biggest, most detrimental con I can think of: many people would be waiting their whole lives to be given a deck and that’s just depressing.
  • You may not like the deck given to you and if you’re completely new to it, it may put you off the hobby.
  • It’s just silly. Go buy your own deck if you can.


Buying your own Deck


  • You got to pick your own deck, something that you were (hopefully) attracted to.
  • You get to be the one to break it in! Nothing wrong with receiving a used deck but it’s also nice to be the first to break in a deck. It’s clean, fresh, and crisp, and probably smells amazing and doesn’t have anybody else’s cooties on it.
  • You’re taking control of your wants and needs, which is rather powerful and very important here.
  • The process of looking for your very first deck can be so fun and educational. At the very least if you’re an art lover you can enjoy it as an art journey.


  • You just spent $15+ on something that maybe you won’t actually be into. That can be a huge chunk of money in some situations.
  • Like the last pro above, looking for your first deck can be overwhelming to some people. You may feel like you may pick the “wrong” one and that can be detrimental to your tarot future if you let it.
  • I really can’t think of any other cons. Just go buy your own deck!


Final Thoughts

I feel like the pros greatly outnumber the cons when it comes to buying your first deck. I really don’t know what else to say about it!

I think the only way this “rule” can work is if you have a family that is into this sort of stuff and you know it’s just a matter of time before you’ll receive your first deck. Like I said above, I think that kind of tradition is pretty neat if all parties involved are into it.

So tell me! Did you recieve your first deck as a gift? Tell me all about it! Did you have an interest in it before? Was it a family tradition thing? Was it random? Was it something you asked for? Tellll meeeee.



Deck Review – Quantum Tarot 2.0

This is a deck that I got shortly before moving so it ended up in storage for over a year. I didn’t think I was into it and figured I’d give it away, but I wanted to review it first. In the process of reviewing I kind of fell in love ❤


yasss mommy likey

Initial Impression

It was so long ago but I remember kind of thinking “well the art is pretty but hard to read”. It wasn’t providing me any clues to go off of intuitively so I never ended up using it. I also loved how sciency and spacy it is.


It’s my favorite kind of tarot packaging. A nice, super sturdy box with just enough room to hold the cards and the LWB.


Perfect for shuffling. Thin, as expected from a standard Lo Scarabeo deck, but not too thin.



I wholeheartedly approve.


It’s very pretty and soft? ethereal? Maybe a little too soft, in a way because there isn’t much weight to the imagery to anchor the scenes. Does that make sense?

And I’d like to quickly mention that I like the borders.


upper row favorites: heh. I’m 12 and the ace of wands looks like a wang.
lower row: the Devil here doesn’t do much for me. The rest break the whole spacey vibe of the deck.


It’s great! I love it. It has a “basic course” which includes a science related alternate name for each card (e.g. 0 The Fool – The Big Bang), a mini traditional tarot description, and a question relevant to the card (e.g. for the Fool: What journey are you ready to embark upon?) and in the next section each card has a longer, science related description. It has English

The next section is called “advanced course” and has a good size paragraph about something sciency that they’ve tried in with the card and expand on the meaning of the card.

There is English, Italian, Spanish, French, and German. However English is the only language that includes the “advanced course”.

One last thing worth mentioning is that there are 2 spreads included. They seem all right. They don’t show card positions but that’s all right. I show the results of one of the spreads below.


The cards are matte, but there is glossy embossing on every card. The frames are all embossed and then there’s always a little extra embossed.

The cards are matte, but there is glossy embossing on every card. The frames are all embossed and then there’s always a little extra embossed. Usually, it’s there to enhance something that’s already there. It sort of acts as the anchoring I spoke of as above. It’s a fairly unique feature as the only other deck I can think of that does this is the Tarot of the Silicon Dawn.

Also notable is there are 2 extra cards. I don’t use extra cards but it’s cool they were included.


the extra cards: The Phoenix and The Universe. Here I tried to capture the glossy embossing. Lovely, yes?


So I did one reading with them and feel like I need to play with them a lot to get used to the different sort of imagery. The reading I did I had to lean heavily on the book but it was a great reading.

Quickie Test Reading

I tried out the Relativity Spread. The cards are Space – where are you at the moment? Time – what will change in the near future? Gravity – what is attracting me?, and I left out the last card but it’s Relativity – key to integration.


Final Impression

I’m glad I decided to review this deck. I think I may end up using it. I do feel like I’ll be using the book as a crutch but I’ll see what happens!

I wouldn’t recommend this for a beginner but if you love science or even just the art, it could be worth grabbing at some point.

mini review – my first deck: the Goddess tarot

I often reminisce on my very first tarot deck. I have a crummy memory so I was never quite sure on which deck was my first, but I’m fairly sure it was this one: the Goddess tarot, art by Kris Walderr published by US Games in 1997.



3 of my “favorite” cards.


Fair warning: I do not have a favorable opinion of this deck!

I believe I bought this deck in 1999 at a Target. I was so curious and desperate to get started for tarot and pretty much bought the deck without getting to preview it first. I did not connect with the deck at all. It was quickly set aside and my next deck was given to me around a couple years later.

My main beef with this deck:  while the actual art is nicely executed, the color palette is just not my thing. My secondary beef is the multiple borders. There’s technically four. I think if the art took up the whole card I would be able to stomach the palette a little bit better.

Things I like about this deck: I guess the cardstock. I’ve always liked US Games’ cardstock. Oh, and the backs are pleasant enough.


An interesting thing to note is that the majors are named after goddesses. This doesn’t do much for me but it is mildly interesting. Something else to note is that the cards are wider than a standard deck.

This deck has spent 99% of its existence in storage and I haven’t missed it at all. The last few years I’ve thought about it and wondered if maybe it would grow on me. I got it back from storage last summer. lolnope! I still don’t like it. I’m ready to give it away and luckily I have someone in mind.

I’m curious about if you’ve had a deck for years and years and years, hoping that you’ll end up liking it…. what happened? Did it grow on you, or did you still not like it?

Quick Impressions of 5 Decks

Oh hi I’m still alive! I’ve still been doing tarot but I haven’t come up with much that I think is worth sharing. I am working on an interesting Yes/No spreads experiment but I lost steam when I left for a trip. I’ll post about it if I manage to make something of it.

I went quite awhile without buying any new decks then all the sudden I had 5 new ones! I wanted to do a quickie post about them. So here it is.

OK let me be straight with you. This won’t be quick and short. It will be rambly. Because it’s my blog. And I just need to talk. You’ve been warned.


sorry for the huge pic. But I wanted you to see details if you click on it.

Starting in the top left we have the Faerie Oracle deck! I have been wanting this deck since I first saw it in the early 2000’s. I believe it came out in 2001? I was absolutely broke back then and whenever I saw it in a shop it was marked up to $30+. That was pretty much an arm and half a leg to me back then. So I wasn’t able to buy it.

Eventually it ended up on my Amazon wishlist and it sat there for what must have been years and years. I think I was put off on buying it these last few years because I realized I wasn’t into oracles. But I decided to buy it the same way I manage to buy everything else I can’t justify: through a drunken haze.

I love Brian Froud and his art and recently looked him up. He actually looks like my dad. It’s creepy. Even my dad agreed with the resemblance!

The first section of faeries blew my mind a bit. I don’t recall seeing them in reviews before. They actually remind me a lot of some of my hypnopompic hallucinations and it was rather eerie to see them so suddenly.

I don’t think there’s too many cards I don’t like. I think it’s rather interesting how the deck almost looks like there were different artist working on it. The variety of faeries is fun. I don’t think any 2 look quite the same. I had a fun little theory pop into my mind about that but of course now I don’t remember what it is.

I will be needing a bag or box to keep it in.

Next up we have the English Magic tarot. I first heard about this deck through Kelly’s channel. I didn’t think much of it and went on my way. I then watched Johnathan Strange & Mr Norell and heard “English Magic” so many times that it made me curious about actual English Magic. Like… was that a thing? I had so many questions. Then I re-stumbled across the same video by Kelly and something clicked. I had to get it! So I did.

I read the book, save for the Minor Arcana, on the train to visit my parents. I chose an interesting time to pick the book up. It was when the scenery went from blugh barren boring brown ew to lush greens, trees, flowers, a variety of colors signalling that yes it actually is autumn! Hallelujah! The extreme sort of “cleansing” (*twitch*) feeling I got from finally going back to what I find relaxing, cozy and beautiful, combined with the wonderment that the book gave me… I can’t really describe it. The descriptions of the cards just made so much sense. I haven’t used it yet. I feel like I actually want to study the LWB (which is not so L) before trying to use the cards.

I was disappointed at the huge ugly border on the minors and the color palette isn’t fantastic but I do love the art. And the approach to the cards in general. This could end up being a rather special deck. And again, I’ll be needing a bag or box for them.

The next deck is the I-Ching Holitzka Deck. I have adored this sort of imagery for quite a long time so when I saw this deck it went straight to my wishlist. But this was another one of my “can’t justify it” things. So I got them at the same time as the faerie oracle. 

I think there are at least 2 ways to use the deck: one being according to the directions in the book and the other as an oracle. I don’t 100% understand the process in the book. And I don’t like that I’d have to rely on the book… but at the same time I kind of like the idea of using a system that has concrete rules.

The images are absolutely beautiful and they are a great kick to inspiration and intuition. I actually feel like I could use it like the tarot, but as an oracle if that makes sense. It’s better than any oracle I ever have in that aspect.

Then we have Joie de Vivre tarot which is a sister deck to my Paulina deck. I got the latter as a birthday gift from my bf back in ~2011 I think. I have sort of wanted the Joie de Virve ever since my last move because I left Paulina in storage. The problem that was holding me back was I couldn’t remember which deck I had since it’s been so long. Finally I asked the bf to check his order history so I knew which one I had. So yeah. Anyway.

I absolutely love the art for this deck. It’s whimsical and fun and highly detailed. And I think it’s those details that kind of make them hard to read for me. But I could just kind of be off my whack right now (isn’t everyone?) so I’m not ruling them out for reading.

The last deck is the Shadowscapes deck! I have put off buying this deck for long enough. It was another drunk-buy. This is probably the most photogenic deck I’ve ever seen. It would be even moreso if the cards were bigger to show the details. I find it helpful to look at the much bigger black and white rendition in the (big)LWB. The backs are the prettiest I’ve ever seen other than Crystal Visions (don’t have, on my wishlist).

Other than the beautiful details being crammed into such a small space, I actually sort of dislike the silvery borders. They’re kind of distracting in the right (wrong?) lighting. But they also could serve well as portals for entering the cards for meditation.

The cardstock is standard blah and I need a baggie or box for them. I have them residing in a black velvety bag that some jewelry came in from Killstar but they’re too bright and light for that. I’m thinking I’ll stick my Vampyres deck in it instead.

I kind of wish I had my sewing machine so I could sew something up for all these wayward decks.

Final Thoughts

So that’s my post for the day! It was nice to get to sit down and ramble about all of this. I think out of all of these I may use the English Magic and the I-Ching decks the most. The others will take some getting used to, or just become something pretty to look at. Which is fine, I guess, since I absolutely love art anyway.

I’m curious… how many decks have you bought even though you couldn’t justify buying it for whatever reason? What’s your way with dealing with that feeling? Or do you stick by your guns and just don’t buy what you can’t justify?




Same Spread; Different Deck Challenge

Hi everyone! I’m still alive! I’ve just been visiting my parents the last couple weeks. I still have a metric butt ton of posts hanging out ready for me to get over myself and publish them. But for now I have something really fun for me, and I hope for you. I’m sure it’s not unique but hey. Um. Here’s my take on it?

This funtime challenge will probably only be entertaining and educational and whatever to more intuitive readers and newbies. But if you go mainly By the Book I’d love to hear your results as well.

The idea is simple: Do a reading with a deck. Then grab another deck (or 2, or 3…) and lay out the same cards you got for the first reading. Post/vlog about what you discover from it. Let’s try #ssddtarot on social media as a sharing option.

(you can ignore the rest of this post for the challenge)

You may ask yourself “Why?! WHY AM I DOING THIS?!”

Calm the fuck down. I’ll tell you. Jezz.

A couple weekends ago, before I left to visit my parents, I was sitting in a cafe in Los Angeles. It’s one of the highest rated cafes my bf and I could find. The americano (my litmus) was a FUCKING JOKE. I was missing my friends and family (especially in New Orleans) more than ever. I getting the caffeine jitters off of barely passable hot bean water. Overall… I was feeling like shit.

Thankfully I had my Bohemian Gothic tarot so I break them out and lay down my Mental Check spread. I will post the results in my own response to this “challenge” but basically I was sitting there later on thinking “Hmmm. My readings are always on point. What would they be like if I used a different deck?” What really got me thinking about that was my #2 position (I’ll detail that in my response post).

I’d loooove to see your interpretation to the same spread, but different decks. It doesn’t matter how you interpret your spreads, just do it how you would normally do it. Even if it’s  some kind of combo method.

I will probably work on my response post on my train ride back to Los Angeles. But for now… let me know if this is interesting or not to you. What do you think??


Fullmoon Spread – my reading process

I wanted to do a walk-through of a typical reading for myself. I thought it would be fun to share my process, the thinking behind the cards, etc. I think I’ve done something like this before?

Maybe this will be useful for n00bs. Maybe not. Maybe it’ll provide a laugh. Maybe not! Maybe it’ll help me be less of a shit reader. I don’t know. Let me know!

The Cards


I saw some random post somewhere about full moon spreads. So I hit up Google and settled immediately on this one. I drew it up last night, took a pic to record what I got, and looked at it a little bit but today I’m really diving into it.

And what better deck to use for a full moon spread than the Bohemian Gothic? So many scenes are illuminated by moonlight!

Play by Play

#1 Things to let go of – The Devil

could you have picked anything more obvious and generic?

The devil is addiction and for this card it is super obvious. But what am I addicted to? I quit drinking caffeine (again) this year because I hated being dependent on it (we’re talking massive headaches and puking for hours if I don’t get any on time). But I recently discovered Thai iced tea and I’ve been drinking that every day for the past week or so. I’m hoping I won’t build a dependence on it.

If it’s some other addiction, I’m not sure what it would be. I am rather hooked to Reddit and YouTube. Those provide a connection to so many people and communities that I don’t feel like ditching them would be beneficial.

Or maybe the card just wants me to think of addictions in general. Maybe it wants me to shake up my routine (or lack thereof). We’ll see. Good draw, though.

#2 Things to Keep – The World

I’ve always struggled a bit with this card. I’ve always felt a definite “your world” feeling. Not the literal world, but what surrounds you.

Looking at the card in this deck doesn’t do much for me. It’s pretty but I don’t get meaning from it. It’s a lady by a stream or river and what in the world is she doing? Holding something? The leaves on the tree?

Biddy Tarot says “Completion, integration, accomplishment, travel”. OK. I can get the “completion” vibe a bit with my usual interpretation. Just not with the art.

The LWB says “what makes me feel complete”. Much more in tune with my personal meaning. But still no connection to the art!

So what I need to keep are things that make me feel complete. I’ve been putting a lot of time and money into working on my wardrobe. Being able to to put together outfits so I can look like how I’ve wanted to look for a large portion of my life is the closest to a feeling of “complete” I’ve ever had.

It gets a little more complicated than that but basically I think this card is just reminding me to stay on my path of discovering, and being, myself.

Now that I’ve sat here and let all this stew with me a bit, I feel like the art makes a little more sense. She seems so at peace and content. I think those things can come when you feel complete.

#3 Things yet to Come – Knight of Cups

I’ve always always always had a hard time with court cards! I really need to make it a life mission to figure these assholes out. The art never speaks to me. I always have to look them up. I never remember the book meaning. I can never tack on any personal meaning.

But I tried really hard to figure this one from the art and my fleeting memories of what shit in tarot means (you can’t tell I’ve been doing this for 15 years, right?): OK so we have a dude on a horse with a cup. He appears to be exiting a building. Cups are emotions, right? He’s leaving a building? So let’s just say for now this card is about emotions getting out.

interpretation via art: Things yet to come? A releasing/emerging of emotions. Right-o. I can get behind that. Except aren’t court cards supposed to specifically represent a person? OK… Maybe someone in my life will be doing the releasing to me.

Biddy says: “Romance, charm, ‘Knight in shining armour’, imagination”

interpretation via Biddy tarot: Someone romantic will come into my life. I’d love a gf so hey, that’s great news! Fat chance though.

The LWB says all sorts of things that don’t tie into the art and don’t click with me. So I’m sticking with my art intuition on this one.

#4 How the World Affects You – Eight of Swords

Traditional meaning and personal interpretation is usually easy for me on this one.

Funny though. I didn’t quite “get” the art until now. I looked closely at the card for the umpteenth time, looked at the LWB (“Feeling trapped in a situation…”) for the umpteenth time… and it clicked. I finally get the art for this deck.

Bitch, they’re just rats. You’re not trapped. Yes they’re rather large rats, but you’re not actually trapped.

So that makes this position rather obvious for me. The “world” makes me feel trapped and like I want to isolate myself. Of course I’m not actually trapped. It may suck, but I can get out of this.

#5 What to Give – Eight of Swords

I am endlessly amused about getting this card in this position. “What to give”? Here, have a card about taking.

Yeah I got nothing. Help?

#6 What to receive – Knight of Swords

Oh joy another court card. Thanks.

OK so he’s standing there. There’s a sword leaning against a table. Swords are like intellect, right? There’s a book open on the table, with a candle. I get a sense that maybe its late. Maybe he’s been up studying all night? A studious little fella. Yeah OK so uh…

OK but this is supposed to be a person. So I look at the LWB… somethingblahblah… “a leader with great energy and intelligence”. Cool, so that’s a vibe I can get with.

Stewing on this a bit… I feel like it’s telling me to receive… I don’t know how to phrase it. A sense of studiousness?

#8 What to learn – Queen of Wands

Ohhh more court cards. It’s not Christmas! Not.

I’ve been in love with this card ever since it started stalking me… around this same time last year. Hmm. I sure as fuck don’t remember what it means.

So we got a lady in a big fancy dress. She’s at some kind of ball. There are a bunch of other people there, but way in the background. Nobody is around her. Maybe they’re all looking at her? It seems she’s trying to mind her own business awhile fanning herself, but she seems to be looking back. Is she concerned about what the others think of her?

My favorite part is the black cat. I can’t decide if it’s spooked or just fluffy.

Maybe the card is telling me to not be concerned about what others think. I’ve already got that down to a science though. So what else could it mean? Maybe I -should- care, just a bit? I’ve been posting a lot of outfits over on my main blog, and on Reddit, and Instagram. I’ve noticed that I’ve gotten a shit ton more attention over my outfits on the Internet than I have anything else I’ve ever posted since I became an active Internet-goer in the mid 90s. I’ve even realized it this week.

So maybe the card says I should pay attention to people paying attention to me. Learn to care what others look like, it might be a good idea. Maybe it will bring me something I desire – some cool discussions, friends, opportunities.

Yes, I like that. It’s sounding perfect. Let’s see what the LWB says: “An attractive woman… someone passionate and sensual… ” Ehhh ok. I am recently passionate about being able to look how I want I guess.

What does Biddy say? “Quick thinker, organised, perceptive, independent”

OK. Well. There’s that.

So I liked to combine meanings and interpretations. Take everything I got from the art and add in being organized and independent.But I’m fucking exhausted by now and don’t feel like extrapolating that.

Final Thoughts

The Spread I really like this spread. In my wild fantasies I can see myself doing this every full moon. It’s going in my book of tarot spreads. If I was an organized, proactive, self-aware person I’d take the information and figure out how to apply it to my life for each month. But I am not that person.

The Deck I love this deck. I’m really getting into it. I loved it when I first saw it but of course had some problems with interpreting the art. But today I obviously had some breakthroughs.

The Reading – There’s a lot of court cards. I don’t think I’ve really cared about a strong court turn out before and I don’t know what it means. Any feedback on that would be great.

The spread also has a good chunk of swords. This is a very intellectual spread, I think. It’s not so much about material or whatnot.

I see World and Queen of Wands are facing each other. Maybe the Queen is looking a little further back than just directly at World. World was about completion and being content which was all about my wardrobe. The Queen was also related to my wardrobe. This is really highlighting something I’ve found very important to me, though I never thought in a million years I’d be in this sort of position about just clothes.

Overall – So yeah. Wow. Overall I’d say this was a pretty on-point reading. It really makes me feel more confident in my combined intuition/art interpretation/traditional/whatever reading methods. It also cemented in my mind how very important it is to write all this out. Especially on keyboard. I would have gotten writers cramp with paper and pen. Don’t get me wrong, I love the physical act of writing. I think of any excuse to write things by hand… but it’s not always practical. You may not think you’ll get much out of it but it’s really a very important process.


Tarot Altar Update: Not going that well

Hello cardslingers! I haven’t been posting a whole lot because I just keep failing at everything and don’t feel like there is much to share.

My Hot Mess Oracle and Tarot of Real projects are on the back burner for a variety of reasons excuses. I feel like I could get back to reviewing decks but I feel like I need to work with a deck a lot more than I have been. I want to give each deck a fair chance, you know?

And my tarot altar… certainly going much poorer than I anticipated. I’ve tried to enjoy the journey of putting it together but my obsession with obtaining what I see in my mind has sullied it.

BUT I do have something to show!


most of my decks!

The cube style shelf is something I got from Amazon. It has 9 sections, one in the top middle there dedicated to books, some of which are tarot related. The entire shelf isn’t a tarot-centric thing, so I won’t bother with a full shot of it.

I recently got some old stuff from storage that I hadn’t seen in 5+ years so some of that is involved here.

I had been keeping about 70% of my decks all tucked away in a closet but that was feeling kind of depressing so I lined them all up along the back there. It looks ok, I like it well enough. It’s not great. I don’t know. It’s fine for now.

You may notice the distinct lack of lovely embellished silk cloth. That’s because when I tried decorating it, it just… it didn’t work. I tried embroidering a simple border around it with my metallic thread but it just looked like shit. Like a bad kind of shit. Not the fun, touchy-tactile, hippy-boho mixed media thing that I really wanted. I didn’t even bother with the mirrors, which turned out being a bit too big overall. FML.

So instead I’m using a scarf sort of thing from storage. I’ve had this thing for quite awhile and I have always used it to mark off sacred space. So in a way it’s better than my silk cloth. It’s a little more special because my brain already has a built in association with it. It’s seen some shit, man.

From right to left: my tarot book (just spreads I love, for now), my selenite/fluorite wand, a tiny little hand carved opal skull.

My Darkstar wand, and my amethyst crystal.

The last bit on the right has my laughing Buddha. I don’t remember the circumstances around obtaining him. Maybe mid 2000s? The stone is ulexite,  given to me by a new friend this year.

The little box was given to me by a friend in the early 2000s. It has always housed my runes:


Runes have failed to capture my heart like tarot, but I’m thinking of giving it another go.

I don’t remember exactly when I got these runes but I’m pretty sure I got them off eBay. Must have been early 2000s as I don’t remember keeping anything else in that box.

The box sits on top of The Book of Runes. It was another gift from the mid 2000’s, I believe.

And I think that’s it! It looks a lot nicer than all the junk I had up there before. It’s kind of peaceful. I can’t do any large readings there but I could certainly toss out a few cards for a quick reading or to keep out to visit throughout the day. I will probably move all the tarot to one of the shelves so I have more room for junk. I’m fairly happy with it for now.

Has anybody else been working on any sorts of altars? I’d love to hear about it!



The Vampire Spread

I’ve been feeling the urge to read with the Bohemian Gothic tarot but wasn’t really sure what spread I wanted to do. I looked at the booklet and the Vampire Spread jumped out at me. I love trying out deck-specific spread and this one looked perfect for me right now.

The Cards


well this is going to be a downer

Play by Play

#1 Who or What is draining my energy? – The Tower

I feel like this was a super obvious card. All the violence, hatred, and destruction in the world really gets to me. People killing people, people killing animals, people killing our environment. It’s really becoming overwhelming lately.

#2 Why am I vulnerable to this? – The Star

This has been getting me down in particular because I have so much hope for the future of mankind and the planet. I want things to get better and I want to provide help but I can’t.

#3 What is the main effect this is having on me? – Two of Swords

It’s making me feel like I’m blocked, I’m trapped, no where to go. It may seem like there’s a choice but I really don’t think there is anything I can do.

#4 What should I do to avoid this happening? – Three of Pentacles

It looks like we have Frankenstein and his monster here. The doc has worked hard to make his monster. It took a lot of creativity and teamwork. I feel like this card is telling me to work with others, and that may lessen the terrible thoughts and feelings. I have recently started knitting for charity, and have thought about getting in contact with other knitters/crocheters. It’s such a minor thing in the grand scheme of things but it’s something.

#5 One further piece of advice about the situation. – Eight of Wands

I feel like the art in this card is telling me that things will get worse before they get better. It’s really cliche and stupid, sure, but it is what it is. And I think these things will happen quickly, and it’ll be over soon if I act quickly. Maybe if I hit the charitable projects hard and fast…

Final Thoughts

This is a fantastic spread. And I think this might be my first proper spread with this deck? It came out pretty crystal clear. I hope I was able to phrase it all according to how I was “getting” this reading. It all makes so much sense in my head until I start trying to type it out in an orderly fashion.

But yeah, basically this really sets some of my thoughts and worries straight. Doesn’t make them better, but gives me a bit of a heads up.

Thanks for tuning in! I’d love to hear if you’ve done this spread and how it went for you. I’m definitely going to keep it in my arsenal. 


10 Questions Every Tarot Reader Must Answer

This seems to be the new thing going around, so I figured I’d do it too. At least nobody is jumping off cliffs, eh? I found this post here. The original post is here.

I’d like to encourage other readers to ponder these questions from time to time. Some of them will change, some won’t. It’s just a good idea to know where you stand.

1. Were you mentored, or were you self taught?

Self taught. A mentor at some point during my years of learning would have been nice though. And maybe it’s not too late to have one?

2. Are you a psychic or a Tarot reader?

Let’s be logical here: Tarot reader.

3. Are your predictions accurate, and is accuracy important to you?

I don’t do predictions very often and I have lost all records of them, save for one recent one I did. We’ll see how that turn out later this year. As for the bulk of my non-predictive readings I’d say they are still accurate. And it is important to me because what is the point of readings if they’re not accurate? If everything they told me just didn’t make sense in relation to my poking and prodding then I’d have no use to play with them.

4. Is there anything you can’t predict in a reading?

I can’t predict anything. Divining the future as it’s set in stone isn’t a thing.

5. Do you use only Tarot, or are you multi-disciplinary?

Only tarot. I have dabbled with other things but they never stuck.

6. Is the message in the cards, or in your head?

What’s the difference? You read the card (which is just a card), and your brain takes the information where it needs to go. I don’t quite understand the question.

7. Are you a priest or a fortune-teller?


8. Are you a fixer or a looker?

I guess I’m more of a looker?

9. Do you read for free, or a fee?

I read for free but really could use some extra cash so I wouldn’t mind getting good enough to charge.

10. Is there anything you won’t predict in a reading?

Again, I rarely do predictions. But I’ll say no to legal and medical things, and anything else that might seem like a good idea to exclude at the time.

“Should I accept the job offer?”

It’s not often that I do readings for others but someone was having a difficult time deciding on something so I jokingly asked if he wanted me to consult the tarot. To my surprise he said yes. Excuse the crap photo.

The Cards


I chose to use my rusty trusty Universal Waite because it’s the easiest for me to read.

The spread is just a simple yes/no thing that I kind of picked up off a Facebook group. Everybody and their dog is always posting a question along with 3 cards… I don’t know if they had an unspoken way of reading that particular spread but I just started using it in my own way with good results.

My sitter ignored anything I tried to tell him after that so I’ll just get it out here. I’m doing this partially to just keep a record of it and I’d also love feedback on how I did, and see if you see anything different.

Play by Play

King of Cups: Cups are about emotions and the King here is about caring and being in control of emotions. I think think taking this job will provide my sitter with some emotional peace and control.

Death: This card is about things ending, beginning, change. I think here the card says the job may provide a change that the King is looking for (look! he’s looking right at Death!).

Two of Wands: This dude is all about looking out to the future, and planning. And he’s looking at Death. Lots of focus on change here. I think taking this particular job will help facilitate some important future planning.

Final Thoughts

My personal feelings on the matter was more of a “no” but I got an overwhelming yet well mannered “yes” from this reading. I can’t really explain how I get a yes/no from these spreads, I just do.