Fables Den

Reader Review: Fables Den on Etsy


I discovered Kimberly of Fables Den last year or so on YouTube and liked her immediately. Maybe it’s because we both like the Dreaming Way tarot. Maybe it’s how genuinely excitable and down-to-earth she is while still being spiritual, or that she has some unique things to say that make her stand out from all the other card slingers out there.


She did a little contest on her channel to give away some readings and I won! Of course I didn’t think I’d win so well… I was in love with how her readings looked and they were on sale so I bought the Wonderland reading. A day or two later I found out I won and she offered me a refund for the Wonderland reading, or I could keep the free one for later. I felt like I wanted to keep one for later so we went with that.

(I’ll cover the first reading here, and maybe I’ll do another post later about the 2nd reading. I’ll include some screenshots that might be a little awkward because I don’t want to share everything.) 

This was my first professional reading and what I’d consider my first “real” reading, so I can’t compare it to other paid readings. I’ve gotten a couple little freebies online before but they weren’t too special or memorable. The last one I got was not bad, actually. But you know… kind of a big deal, my first paid tarot reading. I was a bit nervous because I didn’t exactly know what to expect but much less nervous than I felt looking at other people’s shops. Her graphics and outline in each listing are rather informative and really sparked my curiosity!

I got 11 pages total, including a sort of cover page, and a final page with a quote. It was such a beautiful presentation! She also included this bit on the cover page, which was cool:



I was only sad for a moment that she didn’t use the Dreaming Way 😉


I purchased the reading on October 29th, 2016 and she delivered the PDF on November 4th. We had exchanged a few messages over a couple days before she started the reading. She was super nice to talk to, understanding and patient with my paid-reading-newbness.



just a little selection on the first card. Isn’t the presentation lovely?


The reading for each card is a nice length. Enough to sink your teeth into. Some cards had more to them. And did I mention presentation?


This is for the 2nd card. As you can see, she goes all out. She goes into character while keeping it relevant to your reading. I don’t feel the word count was wasted using this method.

There is lots more to the PDF of course, and more than one character’s PoV.

This reading really rang true for me. It gave me something to think about (to be fair, EVERYTHING gets me thinking). It was warm, creative, fun to read, and actually helpful. Of course, it put the ball into my court and I think that’s what a good tarot reading should do.

Now… I very rarely get readings from others because I am quite happy to read for myself. I guess I was lured in by how novel her readings looked and I was curious how it would come out. Would I pay again for a reading like this? More importantly, would I pay full price? It’s hard to say. It really was a treat talking to her and getting this fun, unique bit of, I dare say, art? I do like to support indie artists. But, again… I am quite happy reading for myself.

If I ever do buy another reading from anyone, I would go to her first and be quite happy about it.

So… over 9000/10. Fables Den is wonderful and you should certainly check her out!