Faery Forest Oracle

First Faery Forest Oracle reading

I haven’t posted a reading in awhile! So I thought I’d type up my first reading with my new Faery Forest Oracle. This isn’t a review, but spoiler alert: I’m rather pleased so far but I’m still trying to get used to it.

I tried The Cycles of the Moon Spread from the accompanying book. If you know me you know I love trying the spreads that were made for their decks. Maybe a little too much. Yes I still use a deck with a variety of other spreads but there’s something about using one meant for it, you know?

I was extra drawn to this spread because it doesn’t require a question. I like open ended spreads. So all I had to do was get in the mood (i.e. right frame of mind to settle down and focus on the task at hand).

The Cards


Play by Play

#1 Waning Moon – Isa (Stillness, Pause, Delicacy)

I feel like this is telling me that there is something I’ll no longer keep quiet on. This card reminds me to snap out of it, say something, do something. Even if it’s in my own little way. Just stop being quiet. This could be in regards to the bullshit going on in our country right now because I don’t feel like it’s speaking about any other matters.

#2 Dark Moon – Dark Moon (Vision, Trance, Apparitions)

This position is something about something I’m keeping hidden deep within, I think?

At first, I thought this card was trying to tell me that deep down inside I’m a fluffbunny that believes in woo. But I’m not completely sure what smelly orifice I pulled that out of. I know for certain it’s not true, but I will always admit (rather embarrassingly) that I sometimes wish that kind of bullshit was true. Wouldn’t it be neat? C’mon, admit it, an actual spirit guide would be handy. Being able to actually heal yourself with energy wheels inside your body would be incredible.

This is an interesting one to pick apart. As for dreams I am super interested in dreams and dreaming. They really fascinate me. I have very long, full, colorful dreams just about every night.

#3 New Moon – The Golden Unicorn (Protector, Guardian, Champion)

This was another “at first, I thought…” card. If I go with what the card text actually suggests, someone may be coming into my life that would take on an important role. I keep wanting to say “mentor”. Neat! I have been thinking that I’d like to find someone with whom I share the same beliefs who is doing with their practice what I want to do with mine.

#4 Waxing Moon – Ragnarok (Destruction, Ending, Final moment)

This position is about how something will come about, more or less. And how fantastic this card is to answer it. Something must be ended before something else begins. I feel like this reading is about my current struggles with what I want to do with my tarot readings so the card here could be telling me that something in this area needs to end. I did briefly think earlier “Maybe I should give all this up”. Maybe it means I need to stop reading for myself. Or stop being so against The Woo and just embrace it, as long as it lets me accomplish my goals. Or that I shouldn’t bother taking my tarot interest in any new directions.

#5 Full Moon – Shapeshifter (Transformation, Primal wisdom, Instinct)

Another card that is easy to read. At the end of all this, I think I’ll be transformed, so to speak. This makes sense after the previous card that speaks of endings. Something has to come from that and that will be something new. A new way of thinking, perhaps. A new outlook on my practice?

Final Thoughts

So that was my reading with the Faery Oracle. I think I’ll go over it again tomorrow and maybe stick in some after-thoughts. I think I got thrown off by one card but the rest seems to have fallen into place rather nicely. It seemed to speak about a specific issue even though the spread doesn’t require a question.

It seemed to speak about a specific issue even though the spread didn’t require a question. So I have a good, slightly less-stuck-in-my-own-head view of the issue.

I think I’ll leave this here for now. I’d love to know if you have this deck, how does it work for you? It seems to have a detached yet friendly and wise voice to me, what about you?