tarot/oracle inspired art

o hai. I’m still alive I guess. How are you doing?

This year hasn’t been good for me in various ways, including tarot. I just haven’t been in “the mood”. I miss doing it but I’m not going to force myself. Something I have been doing is creating art inspired by the idea of tarot and oracle decks. Basically, creating images I’d love to see in a deck that help invoke a mood, emotion, idea, etc. Maybe someday I’ll turn them into an oracle deck but for now I’ve been uploading them to my Society 6 store.

I started off just making them for myself and back in June I decided I wanted one of my favorites on my wall. So I looked around at different printing services and figured… might as well put it on Society 6 so I can have the art on different products. I really love the quality of the art, it came out absolutely perfect!

Here’s my current altar set up with what I’m calling “Death”:


yeah I have last year’s Halloween decorations from Michael’s on my altar. cashmeousside.

I was so pleased with that one, that I started uploading other art I’d like to have physical copies of and next thing I knew…. hey, I’ve actually got a shop underway!

I’ve been picky about what I put my art on. Like not everything looks good on a pillow don’t force it jeez bro. And I’m only putting up the stuff that I think is my best work (10/10) to close to my best work (7/10). So I’m really just trying to make the nicest store/gallery/portfolio I possibly can.

There’s tons of sales nearly every day right now on the website. Today you get 30% off wall art. Here’s a little somethin’ somethin’ for you if you like my Death image above:


Right now I’m uploading one piece a day, M-F. I’d like to start making posts there (maybe here?) about my thoughts and process of each image, if people are interested.

I’ve created “collections” for each piece which include all the products they’re on, for convenience so check that link out here.  (ignore the broken images, their casheing or something has been wonky this month)

So that’s it from me today. I really wanted to share this with you guys because you’re my people and I think some of you might enjoy giving it a look.

Thanks for dropping by, and please drop me any links to your tarot/oracle inspired art! Spam me, bitches!


First Faery Forest Oracle reading

I haven’t posted a reading in awhile! So I thought I’d type up my first reading with my new Faery Forest Oracle. This isn’t a review, but spoiler alert: I’m rather pleased so far but I’m still trying to get used to it.

I tried The Cycles of the Moon Spread from the accompanying book. If you know me you know I love trying the spreads that were made for their decks. Maybe a little too much. Yes I still use a deck with a variety of other spreads but there’s something about using one meant for it, you know?

I was extra drawn to this spread because it doesn’t require a question. I like open ended spreads. So all I had to do was get in the mood (i.e. right frame of mind to settle down and focus on the task at hand).

The Cards


Play by Play

#1 Waning Moon – Isa (Stillness, Pause, Delicacy)

I feel like this is telling me that there is something I’ll no longer keep quiet on. This card reminds me to snap out of it, say something, do something. Even if it’s in my own little way. Just stop being quiet. This could be in regards to the bullshit going on in our country right now because I don’t feel like it’s speaking about any other matters.

#2 Dark Moon – Dark Moon (Vision, Trance, Apparitions)

This position is something about something I’m keeping hidden deep within, I think?

At first, I thought this card was trying to tell me that deep down inside I’m a fluffbunny that believes in woo. But I’m not completely sure what smelly orifice I pulled that out of. I know for certain it’s not true, but I will always admit (rather embarrassingly) that I sometimes wish that kind of bullshit was true. Wouldn’t it be neat? C’mon, admit it, an actual spirit guide would be handy. Being able to actually heal yourself with energy wheels inside your body would be incredible.

This is an interesting one to pick apart. As for dreams I am super interested in dreams and dreaming. They really fascinate me. I have very long, full, colorful dreams just about every night.

#3 New Moon – The Golden Unicorn (Protector, Guardian, Champion)

This was another “at first, I thought…” card. If I go with what the card text actually suggests, someone may be coming into my life that would take on an important role. I keep wanting to say “mentor”. Neat! I have been thinking that I’d like to find someone with whom I share the same beliefs who is doing with their practice what I want to do with mine.

#4 Waxing Moon – Ragnarok (Destruction, Ending, Final moment)

This position is about how something will come about, more or less. And how fantastic this card is to answer it. Something must be ended before something else begins. I feel like this reading is about my current struggles with what I want to do with my tarot readings so the card here could be telling me that something in this area needs to end. I did briefly think earlier “Maybe I should give all this up”. Maybe it means I need to stop reading for myself. Or stop being so against The Woo and just embrace it, as long as it lets me accomplish my goals. Or that I shouldn’t bother taking my tarot interest in any new directions.

#5 Full Moon – Shapeshifter (Transformation, Primal wisdom, Instinct)

Another card that is easy to read. At the end of all this, I think I’ll be transformed, so to speak. This makes sense after the previous card that speaks of endings. Something has to come from that and that will be something new. A new way of thinking, perhaps. A new outlook on my practice?

Final Thoughts

So that was my reading with the Faery Oracle. I think I’ll go over it again tomorrow and maybe stick in some after-thoughts. I think I got thrown off by one card but the rest seems to have fallen into place rather nicely. It seemed to speak about a specific issue even though the spread doesn’t require a question.

It seemed to speak about a specific issue even though the spread didn’t require a question. So I have a good, slightly less-stuck-in-my-own-head view of the issue.

I think I’ll leave this here for now. I’d love to know if you have this deck, how does it work for you? It seems to have a detached yet friendly and wise voice to me, what about you?



Quick Impressions of 5 Decks

Oh hi I’m still alive! I’ve still been doing tarot but I haven’t come up with much that I think is worth sharing. I am working on an interesting Yes/No spreads experiment but I lost steam when I left for a trip. I’ll post about it if I manage to make something of it.

I went quite awhile without buying any new decks then all the sudden I had 5 new ones! I wanted to do a quickie post about them. So here it is.

OK let me be straight with you. This won’t be quick and short. It will be rambly. Because it’s my blog. And I just need to talk. You’ve been warned.


sorry for the huge pic. But I wanted you to see details if you click on it.

Starting in the top left we have the Faerie Oracle deck! I have been wanting this deck since I first saw it in the early 2000’s. I believe it came out in 2001? I was absolutely broke back then and whenever I saw it in a shop it was marked up to $30+. That was pretty much an arm and half a leg to me back then. So I wasn’t able to buy it.

Eventually it ended up on my Amazon wishlist and it sat there for what must have been years and years. I think I was put off on buying it these last few years because I realized I wasn’t into oracles. But I decided to buy it the same way I manage to buy everything else I can’t justify: through a drunken haze.

I love Brian Froud and his art and recently looked him up. He actually looks like my dad. It’s creepy. Even my dad agreed with the resemblance!

The first section of faeries blew my mind a bit. I don’t recall seeing them in reviews before. They actually remind me a lot of some of my hypnopompic hallucinations and it was rather eerie to see them so suddenly.

I don’t think there’s too many cards I don’t like. I think it’s rather interesting how the deck almost looks like there were different artist working on it. The variety of faeries is fun. I don’t think any 2 look quite the same. I had a fun little theory pop into my mind about that but of course now I don’t remember what it is.

I will be needing a bag or box to keep it in.

Next up we have the English Magic tarot. I first heard about this deck through Kelly’s channel. I didn’t think much of it and went on my way. I then watched Johnathan Strange & Mr Norell and heard “English Magic” so many times that it made me curious about actual English Magic. Like… was that a thing? I had so many questions. Then I re-stumbled across the same video by Kelly and something clicked. I had to get it! So I did.

I read the book, save for the Minor Arcana, on the train to visit my parents. I chose an interesting time to pick the book up. It was when the scenery went from blugh barren boring brown ew to lush greens, trees, flowers, a variety of colors signalling that yes it actually is autumn! Hallelujah! The extreme sort of “cleansing” (*twitch*) feeling I got from finally going back to what I find relaxing, cozy and beautiful, combined with the wonderment that the book gave me… I can’t really describe it. The descriptions of the cards just made so much sense. I haven’t used it yet. I feel like I actually want to study the LWB (which is not so L) before trying to use the cards.

I was disappointed at the huge ugly border on the minors and the color palette isn’t fantastic but I do love the art. And the approach to the cards in general. This could end up being a rather special deck. And again, I’ll be needing a bag or box for them.

The next deck is the I-Ching Holitzka Deck. I have adored this sort of imagery for quite a long time so when I saw this deck it went straight to my wishlist. But this was another one of my “can’t justify it” things. So I got them at the same time as the faerie oracle. 

I think there are at least 2 ways to use the deck: one being according to the directions in the book and the other as an oracle. I don’t 100% understand the process in the book. And I don’t like that I’d have to rely on the book… but at the same time I kind of like the idea of using a system that has concrete rules.

The images are absolutely beautiful and they are a great kick to inspiration and intuition. I actually feel like I could use it like the tarot, but as an oracle if that makes sense. It’s better than any oracle I ever have in that aspect.

Then we have Joie de Vivre tarot which is a sister deck to my Paulina deck. I got the latter as a birthday gift from my bf back in ~2011 I think. I have sort of wanted the Joie de Virve ever since my last move because I left Paulina in storage. The problem that was holding me back was I couldn’t remember which deck I had since it’s been so long. Finally I asked the bf to check his order history so I knew which one I had. So yeah. Anyway.

I absolutely love the art for this deck. It’s whimsical and fun and highly detailed. And I think it’s those details that kind of make them hard to read for me. But I could just kind of be off my whack right now (isn’t everyone?) so I’m not ruling them out for reading.

The last deck is the Shadowscapes deck! I have put off buying this deck for long enough. It was another drunk-buy. This is probably the most photogenic deck I’ve ever seen. It would be even moreso if the cards were bigger to show the details. I find it helpful to look at the much bigger black and white rendition in the (big)LWB. The backs are the prettiest I’ve ever seen other than Crystal Visions (don’t have, on my wishlist).

Other than the beautiful details being crammed into such a small space, I actually sort of dislike the silvery borders. They’re kind of distracting in the right (wrong?) lighting. But they also could serve well as portals for entering the cards for meditation.

The cardstock is standard blah and I need a baggie or box for them. I have them residing in a black velvety bag that some jewelry came in from Killstar but they’re too bright and light for that. I’m thinking I’ll stick my Vampyres deck in it instead.

I kind of wish I had my sewing machine so I could sew something up for all these wayward decks.

Final Thoughts

So that’s my post for the day! It was nice to get to sit down and ramble about all of this. I think out of all of these I may use the English Magic and the I-Ching decks the most. The others will take some getting used to, or just become something pretty to look at. Which is fine, I guess, since I absolutely love art anyway.

I’m curious… how many decks have you bought even though you couldn’t justify buying it for whatever reason? What’s your way with dealing with that feeling? Or do you stick by your guns and just don’t buy what you can’t justify?




oracle review: Fallen Angel

It’s no secret that I’m not really into oracle decks. I want to be but there’s just something lacking, y’know? I think that thing may be structure. I like that Tarot has structure.



72 cards


Nigel Suckling

First Impressions

Ohhh so pretty and gothy! And yet so empty and uninspiring.

Favorite Cards


Picking favorite cards is a bit tough. Most of them are rather wonderful to look at. Flauros is cool because of the bird person who looks awesome. Vuall amuses me because it makes me think a Weeping Angel is riding a camel. Valefor amuses me because at first glance I always think it looks like a sex scene. I like Aym because that shadow looks like a cat or dog person. I like Furcas because that old dude reminds me of the Hermit and why not take advice from him?

Least Favorite Cards

OK I can’t really pick any.

Readability: -3/5

Nah bro. The images may be pretty but I get nothing useful out of them. I tried doing the rather neat Solomon’s Seal spread but it just… ugh. It felt so wrong. I think I even had a chuckle about how ridiculous the attempt was. I will attempt a 3 card spread soon and post it.

Beginner Friendly: yes?/5

I mean sure, if you think oracles are for you I think this would be a great first deck. The book is pretty great, I don’t think you can go wrong. My hesitation is mainly because the art rarely reflects what the card is about, and that might be rough for a newb.

Cardstock: 3/5

Rather thin, plasticy but thankfully not shiny, but right amount of bendy/sturdiness and slipperiness. This deck is a delight to shuffle! The riffle poker shuffle, from the sides, the corners… they all work well. Of course I prefer the poker shuffle. I think if you did it by the sides or corners the deck would quickly warp.

Major complaint is the edges started to show damage pretty fast. There’s even a white patch of paper on the back of one of the cards where the print peeled up and off somehow. And a different card has 2 patches on the front of the card. There’s probably more damage I haven’t seen yet and you can tell it’s beat up by looking at the sides of the deck. Not cool, bro.

Art: 4.5/5

The art is awesome. If you’re a regular ’round these parts you know I love me some collagy type stuff. And it appeals to my goff nature. Again, the art doesn’t give me any clue whatsoever to what the card is supposed to be about. That bums me out. It makes me think that Mr Suckling just dug up some old art, fiddled with it, and turned it into a deck instead of actually thinking about symbols, connections, meanings. And that’s fine, I wouldn’t mind doing that myself. But still. Eh.

Backs: 3/5



The back as art is lovely but as a back? I don’t even care too much that it’s not reversible. I’m just not a huge fan of a proper art image, something that can stand on it’s own, being on the back. That’s just me though.

Book: 5/5


The book was rather nice to read! There’s stuff about angels and history of this and that. Very interesting. The layout, look, and feel are all very nice. It’s 64 pages, not a lot but doesn’t leave much me wanting more. As you can see the book is in color. There are some spreads but the only one that interested me is the Solomon’s Knot which I plan on using with Tarot.

Box: 5/5


I had to take the stuffing out because it kept trying to eat the cards. They would get knocked around like this if you’re running around with the box in your bag so you may just want to get a pouch for them. Or if you have another deck (in it’s own bag) or a reading cloth you have room for it right in there.

And of course I always prefer boxes like what the Golden tarot and Lumina tarot come in but this one is still nice. Very thick and sturdy, a nice display piece although I’ve been using mine to prop up my laptop for airflow.

Final Thoughts


I have been having fun using this deck for occasional daily draws (posted on my IG, as seen to the right). I prop the card up on my keyboard and get to enjoy the art throughout the day. It’s a helluva lot easier and cheaper to do than buy giant prints and hang them all over.

Luckily this deck was cheap,  around $15 on Amazon. I don’t think I would have bought it if it was much more than that.

I don’t regret the purchase and I’m going to try to actually use it for readings because I really want to.

What do you think about this deck? Do you have it? Do you have as many problems with oracles as I do?

Daily Shadow 3/1/16

I got the Fallen Angel Oracle deck yesterday and I’m in love! I did a pull for yesterday for a daily card but I didn’t bother posting it and I don’t remember what it was. I’m soooo bad about doing dailies but this deck really makes me want to do them again.. I know they’re not going to be too interesting to y’all but I wanted to at least show one card off.


this deck really vibes with my wand

This card couldn’t have come at a better time. Yesterday I did a fair bit of drinking and ugly crying (not some of it at the same time) and this card reminds us to take care of our health and reflect on life.

The Fool? (nsfw art)

So I realized that the GIMP was only like ~50mb so I downloaded it. Wasn’t too bad on 4G. So I immediately started creating tarot inspired art. I made a RWS-esque Fool card but I used resources that needed a lot of crediting back, payments, etc.

Don’t get me wrong I’m all down for paying for wonderful stock images and giving proper credit. And I have the patience of a thousand Buddhist monks when it comes to working on things pixel by pixel… but I don’t have the patience to contact each individual person behind a stock image to get stuff done. (I mean if someone wants to partner up with me and do that half, lemme know…)

I’m absolutely tickled with how the RWS-esque Fool card came out but I can’t share (yet). But! I made another Fool card, not RWS but in the image of my Hot Mess Oracle. It’s not quiiiiiite done. But here it is!


ignore the green background and dotted lines

I’m having a hard time deciding between the saturated and unsaturated looks. I originally wanted something like the former. Once I finalize it I’ll stick it up in my deviantArt gallery (here is the draft) and provide all proper credits but I think it’s ok to share like this for now.

I’m inclined to do a whole deck like this but I don’t know if I will. For now I’m really enjoying just being motivated enough to create digital art again.

Lemme know what you think!

hot mess oracle #8 Victory #10 Wisdom #11 Kismet #20 Awakening + #13 Changes & #16 Catastrophe

I took a little tiny break from the Hot Mess oracle because working without a desk and chair was really killing my back. I got a chair on Saturday and my desk showed up yesterday.

I already had Kismet sketched up and knew what I wanted for Wisdom and Victory so I was able to whip out 4 pretty quickly yesterday. I may do more today.


OK so Wisdom is supposed to be a brain tree. I tried staring at my practice sketch with the brainy lines both colored and not colored in. I went and colored them in after taking this pic but it doesn’t look good either way. I may go and fill the trunk and roots as well, but I’m pretty sure I’ll have to completely redo it in the future. It works for now though.

I’m VERY happy with how Awakening came out! And yes I know I misspelled it 😦

I’m also super happy with Victory! This card and a couple others make me so glad I got a dual ended Sharpie.

Kismet was a really hard one to come up with. I kind of had this image in mind from the start. I went and looked at similar images. I used to draw a lot, especially things in perspective, but never could get the hang of paths and roads going off into the distance. It’ll do though.

I added Compassion to the skip pile along with Tradition. I just can’t come up with anything that works that I can also draw.

So that’s an update to the Hot Mess Oracle for today. I’m still considering coloring in some details with my silver Sharpie. It have plenty of time to figure it out so I’m not in a hurry.

Thanks for reading!


I worked on Wisdom a bit more and did Changes and Catastrophe. My hands have been shaking so I kept messing up Changes. I’m really happy with Catastrophe.


Hot Mess Oracle – #5 Authority, #22 Justice, #7 Passion


Hahaha oh my. I had a headache all day yesterday and most of today. Started recovering and got really motivated to do some cards. I blame residual headache for why I did Justice out of order. Ah well.

Authority is from the Emperor. I had a little bit of a problem thinking of a doable idea but I’m fairly happy with the final product.

Justice is from Justice of course. I don’t know why I have it on my list as #22. I know I switched some things around. Whatevs! Anyway, really obvious, easy, unimaginative but it’s perfect.

Passion took me a few minutes to think up and I think it’s perfect. I may go in later and color the heart in black or scribbly black to look burt.

Yes I skipped Tradition. I just… I can’t come up with anything workable. I have a few thoughts when it comes to tradition: family (I’m not a family-person so I’m not sure if I want that in my deck?), activities such as religious and superstition things (also not my thing), and something that’s harder to describe in words and I can see represented a few ways through imagery but would make absolutely no sense to anybody else. I showed it to my boyfriend and he was all “Bwa?!”. So I stuck the ideas aside for the day and figured I’d wait for something else to come to me when it’s inconvenient i.e. in the shower, as I’m falling asleep…

I decided I wanted the edges to be black so I’ve blackened all the cards I’ve finished so far. We’re up to 7, btw! Only 70 more to go if I go for the whole deck. WOOOO!ooooo… D:

Maybe you’ll notice a liiiittle more detail in these cards. I got some new markers! A Fine/Ultra fine double ended Sharpie, a silver Sharpie, and a gold Sharpie. It hasn’t made my artistic “abilities” any better but it has given me lots more wiggle room.

I was thinking of using the silver to add a silver accent to each card or maybe color the background in on each one? I’m not sure yet. It may be a bad idea. It may be a good idea!

The gold came with the silver and it doesn’t stick to the card stock for some reason so I guess I’ll save it for edging other decks. Or for drawing on regular paper. I don’t know but I’m rather disappointed in that.

Up next is Victory which I have several ideas for, and Compassion which I haven’t quite figured out yet!

Hot Mess Oracle – #3 Intuition & #4 Creativity

I’m really not super happy with the Intuition card. This isn’t even half of the attempts I made. I wanted a female figure wearing a blindfold, or covering her eyes. Then I wanted her to have a 3rd eye. Ugh. Everything I tried wouldn’t have worked out with my chunky marker or would just look like a freaky alien cyclops thing. So I settled on the most basic idea which is, after all, what I wanted to keep in mind for this first deck anyway.


The Creativity card was much easier. I had a good direction to go with and I like how it came out, for the most part.

Intuition is supposed to sort of represent the High Priestess. Sorry, High Priestess


Scattered thought bubbles to show ideas and inspiration coming from everywhere. Lightbulb for ideas, paint palette (I swear it’s a paint palette!), a butterfly for obvious reasons I hope, and even a little thought bubble with messy scribble. Because messing up is part of creativity.

This card is based off the Empress.

Overall I think I’ve got 1 card that I am disappointed in and 3 that I’m fine or very happy with. Not bad so far.

Hot Mess Oracle #2 – Power

So after a couple days of trying to draw my idea of “Power” (an fist in the air with fists in the background and power spikes) and completely failing every single attempt (always looked like strange cluster of penes) I decided to go back to my 2nd idea. Something akin to The Quickening.

There was only one first draft and it didn’t change any to the final product so here it is:


Cartoony fists are not my specialty.

Power is the figure of a person standing on a hill radiating energy. Based off The Magician.

p.s. I was buzzing on caffeine when I did this. Made it a little extra special I guess.