Shadowscapes tarot

Quick Impressions of 5 Decks

Oh hi I’m still alive! I’ve still been doing tarot but I haven’t come up with much that I think is worth sharing. I am working on an interesting Yes/No spreads experiment but I lost steam when I left for a trip. I’ll post about it if I manage to make something of it.

I went quite awhile without buying any new decks then all the sudden I had 5 new ones! I wanted to do a quickie post about them. So here it is.

OK let me be straight with you. This won’t be quick and short. It will be rambly. Because it’s my blog. And I just need to talk. You’ve been warned.


sorry for the huge pic. But I wanted you to see details if you click on it.

Starting in the top left we have the Faerie Oracle deck! I have been wanting this deck since I first saw it in the early 2000’s. I believe it came out in 2001? I was absolutely broke back then and whenever I saw it in a shop it was marked up to $30+. That was pretty much an arm and half a leg to me back then. So I wasn’t able to buy it.

Eventually it ended up on my Amazon wishlist and it sat there for what must have been years and years. I think I was put off on buying it these last few years because I realized I wasn’t into oracles. But I decided to buy it the same way I manage to buy everything else I can’t justify: through a drunken haze.

I love Brian Froud and his art and recently looked him up. He actually looks like my dad. It’s creepy. Even my dad agreed with the resemblance!

The first section of faeries blew my mind a bit. I don’t recall seeing them in reviews before. They actually remind me a lot of some of my hypnopompic hallucinations and it was rather eerie to see them so suddenly.

I don’t think there’s too many cards I don’t like. I think it’s rather interesting how the deck almost looks like there were different artist working on it. The variety of faeries is fun. I don’t think any 2 look quite the same. I had a fun little theory pop into my mind about that but of course now I don’t remember what it is.

I will be needing a bag or box to keep it in.

Next up we have the English Magic tarot. I first heard about this deck through Kelly’s channel. I didn’t think much of it and went on my way. I then watched Johnathan Strange & Mr Norell and heard “English Magic” so many times that it made me curious about actual English Magic. Like… was that a thing? I had so many questions. Then I re-stumbled across the same video by Kelly and something clicked. I had to get it! So I did.

I read the book, save for the Minor Arcana, on the train to visit my parents. I chose an interesting time to pick the book up. It was when the scenery went from blugh barren boring brown ew to lush greens, trees, flowers, a variety of colors signalling that yes it actually is autumn! Hallelujah! The extreme sort of “cleansing” (*twitch*) feeling I got from finally going back to what I find relaxing, cozy and beautiful, combined with the wonderment that the book gave me… I can’t really describe it. The descriptions of the cards just made so much sense. I haven’t used it yet. I feel like I actually want to study the LWB (which is not so L) before trying to use the cards.

I was disappointed at the huge ugly border on the minors and the color palette isn’t fantastic but I do love the art. And the approach to the cards in general. This could end up being a rather special deck. And again, I’ll be needing a bag or box for them.

The next deck is the I-Ching Holitzka Deck. I have adored this sort of imagery for quite a long time so when I saw this deck it went straight to my wishlist. But this was another one of my “can’t justify it” things. So I got them at the same time as the faerie oracle. 

I think there are at least 2 ways to use the deck: one being according to the directions in the book and the other as an oracle. I don’t 100% understand the process in the book. And I don’t like that I’d have to rely on the book… but at the same time I kind of like the idea of using a system that has concrete rules.

The images are absolutely beautiful and they are a great kick to inspiration and intuition. I actually feel like I could use it like the tarot, but as an oracle if that makes sense. It’s better than any oracle I ever have in that aspect.

Then we have Joie de Vivre tarot which is a sister deck to my Paulina deck. I got the latter as a birthday gift from my bf back in ~2011 I think. I have sort of wanted the Joie de Virve ever since my last move because I left Paulina in storage. The problem that was holding me back was I couldn’t remember which deck I had since it’s been so long. Finally I asked the bf to check his order history so I knew which one I had. So yeah. Anyway.

I absolutely love the art for this deck. It’s whimsical and fun and highly detailed. And I think it’s those details that kind of make them hard to read for me. But I could just kind of be off my whack right now (isn’t everyone?) so I’m not ruling them out for reading.

The last deck is the Shadowscapes deck! I have put off buying this deck for long enough. It was another drunk-buy. This is probably the most photogenic deck I’ve ever seen. It would be even moreso if the cards were bigger to show the details. I find it helpful to look at the much bigger black and white rendition in the (big)LWB. The backs are the prettiest I’ve ever seen other than Crystal Visions (don’t have, on my wishlist).

Other than the beautiful details being crammed into such a small space, I actually sort of dislike the silvery borders. They’re kind of distracting in the right (wrong?) lighting. But they also could serve well as portals for entering the cards for meditation.

The cardstock is standard blah and I need a baggie or box for them. I have them residing in a black velvety bag that some jewelry came in from Killstar but they’re too bright and light for that. I’m thinking I’ll stick my Vampyres deck in it instead.

I kind of wish I had my sewing machine so I could sew something up for all these wayward decks.

Final Thoughts

So that’s my post for the day! It was nice to get to sit down and ramble about all of this. I think out of all of these I may use the English Magic and the I-Ching decks the most. The others will take some getting used to, or just become something pretty to look at. Which is fine, I guess, since I absolutely love art anyway.

I’m curious… how many decks have you bought even though you couldn’t justify buying it for whatever reason? What’s your way with dealing with that feeling? Or do you stick by your guns and just don’t buy what you can’t justify?