Tarot Ethics


  • If I encounter a querent in actual mental or physical distress I consider it a responsibility not to read for them but to give them information to actually help them (i.e. hotlines, doctor/shelter phone numbers).
  • I will not read for (or will drastically limit) readings for anybody who appears to be addicted/dependent on them.
  • I will not pretend for a single moment that tarot can help in a tragic situation such as finding a missing child.
  • I will not claim otherworldly, paranormal, spiritual, or similar things are connected with a reading or my cards. I don’t believe we can see into the future but only give ourselves ideas about what may happen.
  • Keeping the previous point in mind, I am not responsible for any actions you take because of a reading I do.
  • I will not share any information about your reading, or any information  you give me during the reading, with anybody else.