Tarot of Real

Awhile ago I started drawing an oracle deck based off the keywords of the tarot. Then I figured why not make some tarot cards based off my oracle cards. This page is just going to help me keep track of my progress and ideas. I don’t know if I’m making a whole deck or if this is just for the lulz.

As of now I believe I’ll stick with traditional suits and some imagery well be very RWS while others will be like “WTF bitch what are you doing”. The theme I guess is… some sort of fantastical imaginary space stuff.

I’m trying to make sure I have a nice variety of people from all walks of life and I’m even trying to pull in some friends to send in pics. If you would like to be part of this project, leave me a note and we’ll talk about it!

Keywords are initially grabbed directly from Benebel Wen’s Holistic Tarot.

All these links go to my dA scraps section.

0 – Fool  – Innocence

A lone woman stands on a cliff with her head in the clouds. This to me means innocence, naivety even.

1 – Magician  – Power

A woman stands on a rocky ledge looking out into the night, clearly full of magic and power, perhaps weaving some kind of spell or ready to start one.

2 – High Priestess  – Intuition

A woman in a temple, wearing jewels, appears to be have awoken her third eye which connects her directly wither her intuition.

3 – Empress – Fertility; Creativity, Maternity

This one is difficult. I couldn’t find stock of someone painting like I wanted and I’m not a fan of actual fertility/maternity type images so I’m trying to make a card with a woman tending a garden, planting seeds.

4 – Emperor – Authority; Government, Paternity

I would like to have a male who puts off a lot of authoritative vibes, maybe he sits proudly on a throne? I’m not 100% sure yet.

5 – Hierophant – Tradition

I have had loads of trouble with this one. I skipped trying to draw it in my oracle deck.

6 – Lovers – Passion; Partnership, The Primordial Choice

I don’t see many gay, lesbian or mixed race lovers so I’d like to have that here.

7 – Chariot – Victory; Control, Jurisdiction

I will either go with a trophy type thing like I did with my Hot Mess Oracle, or have a person looking victorious on a hill or someshit.

8 – Strength – Compassion; Force, Fortitude, Security

9 – Wisdom – Hermit; Erudition, Mentorship

I want to have a person in a meditative pose looking up, sitting within a lotus flower.

10 – Wheel of Fortune – Kismet; Destiny, Serendipity

Might do something akin to my Kismet card…. a choice between 2 paths.

11 – Justice – Equilibrium; Equity, Fairness, Legality

Probably do something totally obvious and unoriginal.

12 – Hanged Man – Self-Sacrifice; Suspension, Prophesy, Grace

13 – Death – Transformation, Mortality, Suffering

14 – Temperance – Balance; Forbearance, Attune, Harmonize

15 – Devil – Bondage; Temptation, Seduction

16 – Tower – Hubris; Sudden Fall, Ego, Catastrophe

17 – Star – Hope, Optimism, Inspiration, Visionary

18 – Moon – Changes

19 – Sun – Attainment; Glory, Majesty, Celebrity, Eminence

I think I want a man on a hill, sun silhouetting him, his arms spread.

20 – Judgement – Awakening, Epiphany, Spiritual Realization

21 – World – Fulfillment; Completion, Masterpiece, Consummation

I wanted this to be pretty much exactly like my oracle card, Changes. But this happened instead. I LOVE how this came out!


Ace of Cups – Abundance; Affirmation, Fountainhead

I like the look of simple aces. I’m really happy with how this one is coming along.

Ace of Swords – Conquest; Valiance

Ugh. I’m not super happy with how this one is coming out. It’s a start… but I have to take a break from it for awhile.

Ace of Pentacles – Offer; Investment, Small Financial Gain

I started this one but came to a screaming hault when I couldn’t find a proper pentacle but I also keep thinking I want to do coins for this suit.

Ace of Wands – Venture; Opportunity

Haven’t started this one yet, but it will be nice ‘n firey.